Author: Amna Faryad

Bitcoin Resilience

Bitcoin surpasses $67,000 Amidst Market Resilience

Bitcoin surged past the $67,000 mark in Monday’s Asian trading hours, rebounding strongly from a dip to $64,500. Analysts note this rise indicates a shift in investor sentiment towards the popular cryptocurrency, also demonstrating the resilience of Bitcoin in a fluctuating market.

Components like ongoing crypto market trends, regulatory decisions, and the broader economic landscape …

"Compound Planning Team"

Compound Planning Expands Team, Focuses on Client-centric Enhancement

Compound Planning, a renowned Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with an asset portfolio of about $1.45 billion (2024), has increased its team by recruiting 15 new members. This significant increase is an indicator of the firm’s dedication toward customer-centric services and enhancement of their R&D capabilities.

The CEO of Compound, Christian Haigh, expressed that the expansion …

AI Strategies

AI Enhances PR Strategies Across Africa

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing public relations (PR) across Africa, spurring innovative ideas and enhancing existing methodologies. From data analysis to content creation, AI is helping to streamline PR duties, amplifying efficiency and productivity. This vastly improves communication processes and unlocks the power to create precisely targeted campaigns.

Beyond just enhancing performance, AI also supports …

Reshape Empowerment

Women Reshape PR Industry, Foster Empowerment

Women are progressively breaking through barriers in the PR sector, reshaping industry standards and introducing innovative strategies. With a unique ability to blend varying viewpoints into a cohesive entity, women’s perspectives and abilities are proving crucial in the decision-making process and overall team dynamics.

Highlighting the importance of empowerment, inclusivity, and the unique skills each …

"Biotech Executive Insight"

Maximizing Non-Equity Funding: Insight from Biotech Executive

Startups often miss non-equity funding sources in their search for external financing. Experienced biotech executive, Richard Giersch, offers advice on tapping into small business grants. His insight could revolutionize the way startups approach funding.

Giersch has successfully secured over $25 million in SBIR/STTR (Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer) grants. He stands by the …

Mischief NHL Partnership

NHL Partners with Mischief to Boost European Presence

The National Hockey League (NHL) has formed a strategic partnership with Europe-based creative communications agency, Mischief. This alliance aims to expand the ice hockey league’s influence in Europe through joint marketing campaigns and special events.

Fans can anticipate live-streamed NHL games, and possibly, matches on European soil. The collaboration with Mischief seeks to boost NHL’s …