NHL Partners with Mischief to Boost European Presence

Mischief NHL Partnership

The National Hockey League (NHL) has formed a strategic partnership with Europe-based creative communications agency, Mischief. This alliance aims to expand the ice hockey league’s influence in Europe through joint marketing campaigns and special events.

Fans can anticipate live-streamed NHL games, and possibly, matches on European soil. The collaboration with Mischief seeks to boost NHL’s popularity among Europe’s youth, cultivating a more engaged European fanbase.

Following a thorough assessment of its European PR strategies, the NHL selected Mischief for its to grow brand awareness, establish promotional initiatives, and foster partnerships with notable sporting and entertainment entities across Europe. Mischief’s operative roles will include running targeted campaigns, collaborating with local influencers, and exploiting predictive analytics for data-driven decisions.

The partnership will focus primarily on five key territories: Germany, Switzerland, Czechia, Finland, and Sweden. Mischief’s responsibility involves creating a potent PR strategy targeting not just the sport fraternity but also the broader audience, aiming to increase media coverage from European outlets and globalize NHL’s brand image.

Mischief’s leading role extends to supporting NHL’s European events like the NHL Global Series in Stockholm and the NHL European Player Tour. The goal is to secure a wider global audience reach and expand the league’s international influence.

Jaka Lednik, Senior Vice-President of International at the NHL, commended Mischief’s unique strategy for each market. He expressed confidence in their innovative approach and their understanding of the niche market. Lednik affirmed that the alliance symbolizes an exciting new chapter for the NHL’s international operations, with potential for opening new avenues and reaching a wider audience.

Charlotte Brooks, the Managing Director at Mischief, expressed her intent to engage both existing ice hockey fans and new viewers through innovative PR campaigns. She aims to create a buzz around ice hockey and instill the sport into the fabric of North American culture. This partnership signifies a promising venture filled with creativity, innovation, and substantial growth.