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Dayton Partnership

Dayton partnership bolsters local businesses, educational experiences

The Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC) and the University of Dayton have joined forces to support business growth and enrich educational experiences.

This partnership allows students to apply their learning in practical business settings, while also providing tools and assistance to local businesses for expanded growth.

Together, academia and industry are bridged to provide enriched learning environments.…

Ethiopia Bank Recovery

Ethiopia’s Commercial Bank recovers from major system malfunction

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia recently endured a significant system malfunction, enabling some customers to make unauthorized money transactions. This unexpected system failure resulted in a substantial financial loss for the bank, with unofficial sources claiming a loss of around ETB 10 million. Investigations are currently underway to determine the cause of this malfunction.

Upon …

Dark Reimagined

Alone in the Dark reimagined, impresses again

“Alone in the Dark,” a sometimes-underestimated survival horror game, has impressive visual design that has inspired powerhouse franchises like “Resident Evil.” Despite floundering film adaptations, its atmospheric elements, fear-inducing aesthetics and innovative use of 3D graphics have made it a seminal title in the genre.

In its latest reimagining by Pieces Interactive, themes of memory …

Fostering Success

Michael Seay: Fostering success in MadAveGroup

Michael Seay, a renowned marketing specialist, is an integral part of the MadAveGroup, earning appreciation from clients and peers for his astute strategies. Beyond his work, Michael’s unique ability to involve team members in the decision-making process and create effective strategies has significantly contributed to his success.

Through his deep understanding of market trends and …

"Advertising Increase"

Restaurant chains increase advertising efforts post-pandemic

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading restaurant chains such as Brinker, BJs, Shake Shack, and Dutch Bros are ramping up their advertising expenditures. This demonstrates their determination to strengthen their brand presence, attract more customers, and restore profitability.

The boost in advertising spend is attributed to several factors, including robust growth, territorial expansion, …

"Entrepreneurship Growth"

Digital platforms fuel university-based entrepreneurship growth

Many university students worldwide leverage social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to grow their small businesses. By harnessing the power of these platforms, they can tap into international markets, engage directly with customers, and easily track their business progress.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, TikTok became a valuable platform for smaller businesses, …