Entrepreneurs Reopen Business in Worcester, Prioritizing Sustainability

"Sustainable Worcester Entrepreneurship"

Entrepreneurs Katherine Aguilar and Kiara Castillo are planning to reopen their businesses at a new location, 65 Hamilton Street in Worcester, come March 30. Excited about the potential to reach more customers, both are eager to continue celebrating their Latin roots through their unique product lines.

Katherine, owner of K Sense Co., and Kiara, founder of Made A Manos, will feature products like repurposed beer bottle candles and handmade crochet clothing and jewelry in their shared retail space. This space aims to shine a light on their unique offerings while expanding their reach and visibility.

Apart from these products, the store will host events aimed at boosting visibility and support for women entrepreneurs in the Worcester area. These regular events intend to foster collaboration within the entrepreneurial community through workshops, spotlight features, and networking mixers.

Crochet enthusiast Kiara launched her business in 2018, focusing on sustainable and long-lasting products. In 2019, Katherine introduced K Sense Co., offering eco-friendly candles made from repurposed beer bottles. In the following years, both entrepreneurs focused on maintaining their commitment to sustainable practices.

Since sharing a workspace in 2021, Katherine and Kiara have developed a strong bonding, viewing each other as business partners and friends. This bond, coupled with their shared experiences and victories, has helped create a thriving creative environment in Worcester.

The year 2022 brought challenges with Katherine experiencing a decline in physical sales, and Kiara temporarily closing her business after her mother’s death in 2021. However, they joined forces in November 2023 to revive their businesses, marking a fresh start and demonstrating their resilience and commitment to sustainability.

They merged their operations to create a combined product line for online consumers and boosting their digital marketing to reach a wider audience. Despite challenges, their entrepreneurial journey continues to be powered by shared passion and determination. The business duo kickstarted 2024 by releasing a collaborative collection which marked a new phase in their journey.