Author: Angela Ruth

"Tesla Forecast"

Modest Tesla forecast, CEO shift concerns Papa John’s, Nvidia and Arista optimism rises

Barclays has shared a rather modest prediction of Tesla’s first-quarter deliveries to be around 420-425k units, far below the consensus estimation of 468k units. This cautious forecast could hint at potential struggles Tesla may face due to supply chain disruptions and the ongoing semiconductor crisis.

On a different note, CEO Rob Lynch’s surprise departure from …

Content Support

LinkedIn Enhances Support for Content Creators

LinkedIn, renowned worldwide for professional networking, is becoming increasingly popular among content creators, primarily due to the rise in remote work and digital connections following the global health crisis in 2020. This platform has evolved into more than just job-searching, providing a dynamic space for professional growth and engagement. The pandemic has truly transformed how …

"Noindex Directive"

Google Mulls Adding ‘Noindex’ Directive in Robots.txt

Internal discussions within Google about adding a ‘noindex’ directive in robots.txt have been revealed by the company’s spokesman, John Mueller. Although the concept of using a ‘noindex’ directive has been much debated and contemplated, more questions than solutions have arisen, leading to no definitive conclusion being made thus far.

The ‘noindex’ directive found on Mueller’s …