Modest Tesla forecast, CEO shift concerns Papa John’s, Nvidia and Arista optimism rises

"Tesla Forecast"

Barclays has shared a rather modest prediction of Tesla’s first-quarter deliveries to be around 420-425k units, far below the consensus estimation of 468k units. This cautious forecast could hint at potential struggles Tesla may face due to supply chain disruptions and the ongoing semiconductor crisis.

On a different note, CEO Rob Lynch’s surprise departure from Papa John’s for Shake Shack has led BTIG to downgrade its rating on the pizza company from ‘buy’ to ‘neutral’. The unexpected decision has left stockholders taken aback and has introduced a certain amount of uncertainty into Papa John’s future.

Meanwhile, UBS continues to confidently support AI chip manufacturer Nvidia, going as far as to increase their price forecast from an already lofty $800 to an astounding $1,100 per share. The bank believes that Nvidia stands on the precipice of a tremendous wave of demand from multinational corporations and sovereign nations alike.

Analysts’ perspectives on Tesla, Papa John’s, and tech stocks

Though facing legal action from the Department of Justice and multiple states, Apple still retains backing from Morgan Stanley. The financial heavyweight suggests that potentially lucrative events, such as the WWDC and AI upgrades for the iPhone, could outweigh concerns for the third quarter and even the long-term impacts of their legal troubles.

As the fiscal 2024 concludes amidst certain uncertainty, Goldman Sachs continues to advocate for investing in FedEx. The bank’s optimism is largely based on FedEx’s strategic cost-saving initiatives and an anticipated increase in the volume of shipments.

Lastly, Goldman Sachs remains bullish about the shares of cloud networking company Arista. Not only has Goldman Sachs maintained its ‘buy’ recommendation, but it has also upped its price forecast, reflecting a positive outlook on the promising future of the cloud networking industry.