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    Three Tools for Making Your Presentations and Visuals Pop!

    When you’re tasked with creating a slide show or visuals for team members/clients, relying on tools like Powerpoint and Word will rarely impress. While these tools were considered innovative in past decades, they offer nothing fresh to brand you as more inventive than your peers and competition. With increased online resources, it’s easier than ever …

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    How to Successfully Work with and Manage Millenials

    Is the younger, tech-crazed generation giving you a run for your money in the workplace?

    An interesting benefit of my work as a professional speaker is interacting with sometimes thousands of people every week, across generations. Few topics illustrate generational differences in the workplace as technology, my particular topic. In fact, it’s impossible to discuss …

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    How to Get the Sale

    How do you get the sale while leaving the client feeling like they won the lottery?

    Whether you’re a business owner or employee, in a sales function or not in a revenue-generating position, you are a sales person. We may “sell” our personal brand for a new position or our company’s products and services to …

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    What is the Value of Your Personal Brand?

    Have you ever wondered exactly how much you’re worth, in tangible currency?

    On some level, most of us have questioned our value in our professional lives. Valuation becomes particularly tricky if you don’t occupy a revenue-generating position. T o assign a dollar value to your work, consider the following factors:

    How much money are you…
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    Strategic Partnerships Propel Career Professionals and Entrepreneurs

    A nearly universal American high school experience is hearing a high school math teacher brag about the subject of math being far superior to English because, “math does not have exceptions like the English language; one plus one always equals two.”

    Higher level math teaches us that, in fact, one and one does not always …

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    Three Tools Will Give You A Huge Competitive Advantage

    80% of open positions are never advertised, according to BH Careers International. Additionally, business owners often obtain lucrative company contracts through personal and professional connections. As a professional, your most valuable asset is your network. A strong network can mean the difference between a plethora of opportunities or long periods of stagnation.

    Signs of a…
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    Use Pictures to Build Your Personal Brand

    Pictures have the ability to tell our stories better than written word. A resume may list your volunteer work with a non-profit that creates urban gardens for low-income communities, but a picture of you, elbow-deep in earth, showing others how to plant vegetables is more likely to connect with future employers who value community-minded team …

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    The Personal Brand Mistakes No One Shares You’re Making

    Professionals—and people in general— avoid confrontation like the plague. We live in a society that accepts, and even encourages, small social lies. When a co-worker asks, “How are you doing?” They rarely want the entire rundown of triumphs and ills. Instead, she expects a reply of, “Fine. How are you?”

    While the example above does …

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    Create A Simple Social Media Strategy In Fifteen Minutes

    If one of your goals is to use social media to get a new job, grow your following, or attract business, using off-the-cuff tactics will not sustain you throughout the year. You’ll start off strong, and then lose steam.

    Create A Social Media Plan You Can Easily Follow

    A social media strategy plan needn’t be …

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    Three Tips for Crafting Your 2015 Professional Vision Board

    Are you refreshing your personal brand in 2015 or looking to reinvent yourself and go into a new profession? A vision board may help you crystallize your 2015 goals.

    Vision boards are simply visual representations of your goals. They can be digital or physical collages of images representing your targets. Some  create vision boards using …

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