Author: Stephanie Jones

"Entrepreneurial Florida"

Florida Ranking Second for Entrepreneurs, Boosts Local Economy

Florida has recently been recognized as the second-most appealing state in the U.S. for entrepreneurs. Small businesses, employing fewer than 500 people, are a significant contributor to the local economy, providing nearly 40% of jobs statewide and almost half in Northwest Florida. Combined with supportive governmental policies, available capital, low taxes, and a growing population, …

bookkeeping service
Success Strategies

Navigating Bookkeeping Challenges in the Gig Economy 

The explosive growth of the gig economy has transformed traditional employment models. With as many as 64 million Americans now freelancing, independent contractors and gig workers need financial management solutions more than ever. Contract workers are turning to flexible digital bookkeeping services to help them manage their business finances. These services offer many benefits, such …

Youth Financial Champions

Alexa von Tobel Champions Youth Financial Literacy

Alexa von Tobel: Empowering Youth through Financial Literacy

Noted investor and author, Alexa von Tobel, emphasises the necessity of educating children on financial matters. With a varied background spanning from founding the online financial advisory, LearnVest, to her current administrative partner role at venture fund Inspired Capital, her passion for economic enlightenment is clear.

Tobel’s …

Pension Stability Certification

New Certification Program Enhances Pension Stability

On February 21, 2024, a unique certification program was launched to address the perceived instability of finite benefit pension plans. Designed with high standards, it advocates for strong risk management strategies aimed at preventing individuals from depleting their retirement savings.

This program is designed to boost member and stakeholder confidence by efficiently managing risks like …

Governor's Proposal

Governor Shapiro Proposes $25M Boost for Pennsylvania Small Businesses

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro recently visited Cumberland County as part of his “Main Street Matters” trip, showcasing his budget proposal to commit $25 million towards enhancing small businesses across the state. He emphasized that this investment aims to stimulate local economies and generate substantial job opportunities.

Speaking to community leaders, Shapiro underscored the pivotal role …