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    The Importance Of Being Interested

    Imagine you walk into a business gathering filled with strangers. Who do you tend to gravitate towards, the person who treats you as a stranger by ignoring you or the person who takes the time to make eye contact and say hello?

    Imagine you are in a meeting with individuals you have met before, but …

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    The Hunchback Persian Prince

    Admit it … You want to be more than you are. Everyone does. We all believe that there is a greater day ahead for us.

    Even the icons of business, entertainment and professional sports – with all the stature they have amassed – seek to advance their brand. Like you (albeit on a much higher …

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    Your Networking Piggy Bank

    Would you be motivated to network if whenever you shook hands with someone, you got a penny? Would you be inspired to take action if you got a nickel when you shared information with another? How about if you got a dime when you provided encouragement to a person who was down? The answer to …

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    Be A Good Sport

    Sportsmanship is not limited to games played on fields, courts, and courses. After all, what is sport? It is simply athletic competition. Absent the athletics, it is merely competition.

    As a human being, you compete every day, do you not? In your career. In business. At home, subtly, with neighbors. The entire human existence – …

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    The Attractiveness Of Courage

    You surely must know by now that there are certain realities upon which you can rely. One such reality is that life is not an endless succession of forward progress. While you may enjoy success, at some point or another you will also encounter frustrating challenges and disappointing setbacks.

    You may have experienced a missed …

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    Set An Example Of Action

    Networking is a verb. By definition, it is an action word. Thus, you cannot network by sitting back and letting the world operate around you. You need to get out there and actively involve yourself.

    At work, if there are extracurricular projects to tackle or committees on which to serve, be at the forefront of …

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    Brand Tall!

    The crowning spectacle of any Olympic Games is the opening ceremonies. No matter what Olympic sport of which you happen to be a fan (or even if you are a fan of no sport at all), this exhibition is captivating, entertaining, and inspiring.

    Traditionally, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is officially opened by …

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    You Can’t Tickle Yourself

    The greatest impact you can have on branding yourself as altruistic is when you do things when no one expects them. In other words, you maximize the amount of joy you share when others do not know it is coming. For example:

    • You strip all the romance out of buying flowers for a spouse …

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    Life From 1,000 Acts

    In China, from approximately 900 AD until its abolishment in 1905, the Chinese government practiced a form of torture and ultimate death known “Death From A Thousand Cuts.”

    Under this form of execution, the convicted person was not killed mercifully or quickly. Rather the villain is executed by using a knife to methodically remove portions …

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    Houston … We Have A Problem

    “Houston … We have a problem.”

    These famous or infamous words were said over three decades ago and close to a million miles away. On April 13th, 1970, James Lovell, commander of Apollo 13, uttered these words following an explosion in the ship’s oxygen tanks. His journey to the surface of the moon was over. …

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