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    One Way Small Businesses Can Be Better at Hiring

    Two weekends ago the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League facilitated their annual draft of amateur athletes.

    An annual draft of amateur athletes is how most professional leagues develop succession plans for their teams by continually bringing on new talent.

    It got me thinking about how small businesses typically bring in new talent …

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    Small Business Leadership: A Tale of 3 Styles

    Saturday night my wife and I rented and watched the movie Red Army, about the former Soviet Union’s commitment to international ice hockey domination and the migration of Russian hockey players to North America.

    The movie took me back to a time when I loved watching those Soviet hockey teams because of their tremendous skill …

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    Getting Your Small Business to Perform Like a Champion

    It was a painful experience for me last week sitting in Madison Square Garden watching my favorite sports team the New York Rangers play for the National Hockey League’s Eastern Conference Championship seeking to earn a trip to play for the Stanley Cup.

    My Rangers were shut out on home ice, 2-0 after a record …

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    3 Steps to Improve Workplace Communication

    Every problem small business owners face in their workplace can be directly linked to a communication issue.

    If you were to ask employees in a workplace what things need to be improved communication is always among the top three answers.

    As a number of small business CEOs told me at a seminar and networking session …

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    How Small Business Leaders Create Consistent Championship Employee Performance

    Being a lifelong sports fan and a season ticket holder for the New York Rangers National Hockey League team, has provided me with a lot of opportunities to compare success in sports to success in business.

    Recently my focus has been on comparing how sports teams manage the performance of their athletes versus how employee …

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    Fostering Teamwork Mis-Understood By Most Small Business Owners

    While having lunch with the CEO of a small not-for-profit organization looking for my help to improve their operation I was told improvement was needed in the area of “teamwork.”

    She told me, “we need to get people working together more like a team. Right now everyone just works in their own silos.”

    I was …

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    Championship Results In Small Business Easy To Achieve

    April is time when there is a lot of focus on championships in the athletic world in the United States.

    When the Major League Baseball season began a couple of weeks ago every team was in first place with equal visions of winning the World Series Championship.

    That same week the NCAA Men’s and Women’s …

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    3 Attributes of a Championship Employee

    To build championship performance in any environment, whether it be on the athletic field or in business, organizational leaders need to evaluate team members (athletes or employees) for three key attributes:

    Ability Attitude Aptitude

    Now, if you read the article two weeks ago Creating Championship Performance in Small Business Workplaces that offered 5 C.H.A.M.P. traits …

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    Creating Championship Performance in Small Business Workplaces

    The spring is a great time to be a sports fan in the United States as:

    March Madness crowns the annual collegiate basketball champion. Professional basketball and hockey leagues start the most interesting segments of their seasons with their extensive 16 team playoff tournaments in the NBA and NHL. All Major League Baseball teams are…
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    It’s Not Brian Williams’ Fault: Bosses Enabled Poor Behavior

    It’s not Brian Williams Fault!

    The situation NBC News finds itself in with the Brian Williams’ truth stretching scandal isn’t the anchorman’s fault.

    It really isn’t.

    I’m not saying that Williams is not responsible for his behavior and shouldn’t take responsibility for his actions.

    I’m not saying he turn into the 70s comedian Flip Wilson …

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