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Skip Weisman, The Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert, has worked with business leaders and their teams to transform both individual and organizational performance in industries from banks to plumbers since 2001. Skip’s experience helping his clients has shown that the biggest problems in workplaces today can be directly traced to interpersonal communication between people in the work environment. Having spent 20 years in professional baseball management, his first career in which he served as CEO for five different franchises, has given Skip tremendous insights and skills for build high-performing teams.  To help small business leaders create a championship culture with employees performance at the highest levels, Skip recently published this white paper report The Missing Ingredient Necessary to Improve Employee Performance. Download a free copy of this report at The Missing Ingredient Necessary to Improve Employee Performance. During a 20-year career in professional baseball management, Skip served as CEO for five different franchises. That experience gave Skip tremendous insight and skill for building high-performing teams in the workplace and championship cultures.
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The Elusive “Right” Conversation in Today’s Workplace

Have you ever been frustrated and confused by recurring conversations that never achieve your intended results?

If so, the answer could be that you are having one of the three “wrong” conversations.

Specifically, it is likely you’re having the “wrong” conversation with the “right” person. (See diagram)

Finding the “right” conversation is trickier than it …

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Learning from Successes Trumps Learning from Failure Every Time

Long-term success is contingent on continual improvement.

There are manifold continuous improvement strategies from the Japanese Kaizen to Six Sigma to personal self-reflection and meditation.

Most improvement strategies rely on identifying mistakes and taking action to ensure those mistakes are corrected and not repeated.

Some of the most successful people espouse the “fail fast, fail …

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Workplace Meetings: Hate ‘Em, But Can’t Live Without ‘Em

If you had been at a recent keynote I delivered last week you probably would have agreed with audience members who identified meetings with no assigned accountabilities as a serious workplace communication problem.

It’s one of the biggest complaints I get from audiences when asked for their biggest frustrations with communication in their workplaces.

Millions …

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Workplace Meetings: A Magical Strategy for Greater Attendee Participation

The biggest complaint organizational leaders and managers have regarding workplace meetings is that attendees do not participate verbally and sit in silence even after asked for feedback or input.

This would be accepted by the meeting’s leader if the meeting wasn’t followed by individuals commenting between each other, or complaining directly to the meeting’s leader …

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How Small Business Leaders Fail Engaging in Candid Communications

Last week you read why it is important for small business leaders to engage in direct, candid communications in their workplaces.

They should also invest some energy in creating a culture of candid communication, where direct, candid conversations between all personnel and all levels is the expectation.

Few do, however.

The reason is, it is …

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Questions Drive Focus, What is Your Primary Focus Question?

For the last in my series on the “self-communication” context of The 3 Levels of High-Performance Leadership Communication you are going to learn a powerful strategy for your self-talk and internal dialogue that can transform the results you achieve in business and life.

In the previous three blog articles here you’ve read about:

The 3…
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Traditional Affirmations Don’t Work – Do This Instead

Before Minnesota Senator Al Franken stepped into politics he was a comedian and regular on Saturday Night Live back in the 80s.

Franken had a  character named, “Stuart Smalley,” who hosted a regular segment called, “Daily Affirmations.”

Smalley’s foundational affirmation for himself was, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it people like me!”…