Be Patient-Career Advancement is Progressive!

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“Careers used to move themselves. Now, we are responsible for moving our careers in the direction we want them to go”.

There are some fundamental questions that need to be addressed and answered with regard to career advancement.

People want it quickly, immediate gratification, and it just doesn’t work that way. We all have to meander towards fulfillment and advancement. Success compounds over time through experience, accomplishment and circumstance. It is not always vertical, up or steady. Sometimes its lateral, horizontal and downwards.

Ask yourself..

Where do you want your career to go?

What’s your plan for moving in that direction?

What do you need to do?

Do you see how progression prepares you for success?

These questions and the answers to them will accelerate or slow down that advancement. You simply can’t go into the career and work world without a solid idea, clear plan and steady process and advance.

Patience is your greatest ally in the progression of career advancement. Most people don’t have it, don’t want to develop it, but it is your greatest ally. Nothing worth having happens overnight, and nothing lasts unless you are ready for it to happen and last. We often think we are ready when we are not, and although things come, they don’t develop. It’s hard to see this and accept it.

Whether you are looking for a new job, a new career, breaking into a career path, or just want to do something else, there is a progression to career advancement, so be patient.

Some progressive steps to consider in career advancement

It starts with a sold idea

Knowing what you really want to do, what you are good at, what gets you excited and what you believe in are essential. Start where you are and let it unfold. It naturally does. Get some coaching, take a career assessment and help to point you in the right direction.

It continues with a clear plan

Create a blueprint for the actions, tasks, activities necessary to execute your idea.It’s your career business plan! My colleagues over at, and have some great articles and resources to help you with your career plan.

It unfolds because of preparation

The skills gap today for qualifying for jobs has actually increased. More people are ending up to be  less qualified due to the increase in web, technology and social media changes. Make sure you are ready to have the job you want by having the skills it requires. Here are 17 Foundation Job Skills  for The 21st Century.

It always follows a process

Process gives us discipline, steps, guideposts and boundaries. The most successful people, businesses and professions all follow a steady process.

It’s impacted by timing

Things will happen, but not always in our time frame. That’s why preparation is so critical. Being prepared for things to happen and when they do acting on them immediately saves time.

It benefits from assessment

Assessment is a critical tool for advancement. Always be reviewing, taking inventory, evaluating what is working, why and how. Don’t waste time with things that have proven not to produce or work.

We set our intentions, prepare ourselves for things to happen and we stay ready for them to happen.

Preparation + Timing Always  = Opportunity!

Be patient. Career advancement, success and fulfillment take time. Have a plan, work your plan and live your plan.

It will unfold, and, don’t forget have fun on your journey!


Deborah Shane is career author, branding/media strategist, nationally published writer and speaker. She hosts her Toolbox Blog and a popular weekly business radio show that has over 42K downloads! She is a regular contributor to several national blogs and websites, including,,, Her book Career Transition-make the shift is available on and all major book sellers. Deborah delivers smart, no-nonsense ideas and solutions, which make her a popular go-to resource for national media including CNN, CBS, Fox. Engage with her @DeborahShane, and visit her at