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    What’s the difference between a creative cover letter and a creative cover letter that works? Kryptonite, you know the stuff; Superman’s glowing green crystals that weakened him.

    Kryptonite cover letters

    One candidate chose to get uber creative and sent his resume inside a tube wrapped with a paper that showed the Superman logo. While his idea was unique, the execution was, let’s just say thoughtless.

    Inside the tube were green crystals to give the impression of Kryptonite, which also created a distinct noise anytime the envelope that contained the tube was moved. Rather than mailing his resume and Kryptonite cover letter, this job seeker personally delivered it and refused to leave the ‘package’ with anyone, insisting on handing it to the company’s Chief Marketing Officer.

    This creative idea went wrong when, among a few scared employees that needed reassurance they weren’t under a looming mail-based threat, his qualifications were nowhere near Superman like. If you make a Superman effort, be sure to have Superman results and a brand that backs them up.

    Personality-infused, professional cover letters

    What can you do to stand out in today’s market? Create a cover letter that integrates your personality and brand and exudes professionalism.

    If you’re applying to Google, find a way to integrate their logo, the fun colors they use in their logo and your personality within your cover letter. Looking to land a job that’s just been awarded the Top 50 Best Places to Work for Women? Congratulate them in the first sentence.

    Make it all about them first. Make it all about what you can do for them second. Make it all about how what you can do for them will make their life easier.

    Connect your personal brand

    Your cover letter is the first impression of your personal brand quickly followed by your resume. Think of this as your virtual smile when you say hello or the handshake when you meet the interviewer for the first time.  Each choice you make, from the paper quality to the color and type of font is a reflection of your personal brand. The next time you sit down to whip out a cover letter, think to yourself “Is this a professional reflection of my personal brand or is it Kryptonite?”

    Adriana Llames is a veteran career coach and acclaimed author of Career Sudoku: 9 Ways to Win the Job Search Game. She is creator of “HR In-A-Box,” a Human Resources software product helping small businesses across America and a professional keynote speaker motivating and inspiring audiences with her focused programs on “9 Ways to Win the Job Search Game”, “Confessions of a Career Coach” and “Nice Girls End Up on Welfare."

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