Positive Attitude photo from ShutterstockAre you happy with your boss, your income, your career progression to date, your opportunities for advancement, your choice of profession, your industry’s outlook and your employer’s culture? If so, then you probably don’t need to read this. If you are not happy with any of these, however, I want to help you. Consider this….

Most of us have been encouraged to get a good education and become knowledgeable in our professions. Many have spent thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of hours earning credentials and gaining professional expertise. While these (may) have been good investments in your career and your future, how much of that time did you invest in thoughtfully developing and improving your attitude? If your answer is “Not much”, then please keep reading!

I suggest in the first chapter of my career book that “Attitude is important in landing a job, keeping a job, and being proactively prepared to change jobs.” Beyond this, I also believe your attitude is an important contributor to having a satisfying career and happy life. If you would like more career satisfaction and happiness, then it will definitely be worth your time to try one or more of these five tips for improving your attitude:

 1. Select a point in time during your work day and monitor your thoughts for ten to twenty minutes. Categorize each thought you have as positive or negative. Avoid cheating by labeling thoughts as neutral. Keep score and see how you do. Make a game out of rephrasing your negative thoughts into positive ones.

2. With your physician’s agreement, start a consistent exercise program that is appropriate for your current health condition. Get your endorphins flowing! They naturally make you feel better and that contributes to a more positive disposition.

3. Notice the types of media you consume and consider eliminating as many negative inputs as possible. Examples would be most television news programs, movies that are violent or lack uplifting story lines, and publications that focus on what’s wrong with the world. Reducing negative inputs and replacing them with positive ones is likely to help support a better mood.

4. Pay attention to the people with whom you associate. Are they predominantly happy and positive… or not? Increasing your time spent with positive people and reducing or eliminating the negatives will definitely be beneficial.

5. Last, but certainly not least, seek out a capable life coach or (if you are more serious about this quest) psychologist. My wife is a psychologist and virtually every person I have sent her way in the past eight years has benefitted.

Your attitude is always showing. You project it in every interaction with your boss, your peers, your subordinates, your friends and your family. They may not notice in all cases and they may not tell you even when they notice something that is unflattering. However, you are putting it out there all the time… like CNN or Fox News.

I believe you deserve the best career possible, not just some mundane job that pays the rent and puts food on the table. Don’t you?

You have the power to improve your career results… and your attitude can be one of your biggest contributors to your success. Try some of my tips this week and let me know what you think.