While most job seekers know how to generally market themselves to employers, they don’t always know how to effectively pitch themselves to employers.

When you submit your cover letter and resume, an employer spends about six seconds scanning it to see if you’re even qualified for the position. In these six seconds, you need to convince the employer they should hire you.

Tips on How to Pitch Yourself

Whether you’re submitting your resume or sending a networking email, you want to be able to flawlessly pitch yourself to employers. If you’re wondering how you can do this, here are five tips that will help you impress employers and even land a job:

1. Figure out who you are.

First and foremost, you need to know who you are as a professional. Take a look at your work ethic, interests, character, strengths, and weakness, and combine these into a description of who you are.

Job seekers who are confident in their interests, passions, skills, and abilities are more likely to stand out to employers. If you know who you are as a professional, you’ll better illustrate these qualities when you apply for jobs and network with employers.

2. Know your strongest skills and experience.

Your strongest skills and experience are what will get you in the door at a company. Make sure you don’t overlook a combination of your hard and soft skills because employers want to hire well-rounded candidates.

Once you know your strengths, find ways to weave them into all aspects of your job search. For example, if you’re sending out a networking email, don’t hesitate to share with a recruiter some of your latest work. Be careful you don’t do this in a manner where it sounds like you’re bragging. You want to show employers what you can do and how it will add value to their organization if they hired you.

3. Explain how you’re an asset to the company.

After you’ve created an image for yourself, explain to employers why you’d be the perfect addition to their organization. If you’re confident in your skills and experience, you should have no problem explaining how you’d make a great fit.

Before explaining why you’re an asset to the company, make sure you understand the company itself. Understand what the company is currently doing and where they’ll be in the upcoming years. Next you can explain how you fit into their picture. If you can explain how you’ll help the organization accomplish its goals, you’ll definitely be a notable candidate for the position.

4. Tell your story.

In addition to explaining why your skills and experience make you a qualified candidate, pitch your passions and interests. Employers are becoming more focused on hiring people who make good cultural fits for their organization. If you can explain how your passions align with the organization’s goals and mission, you’ll stand out from your competition.

5. Be clear and confident.

Finally, it’s important to be clear and confident when pitching yourself to employers. It’s never easy writing a resume or sending an email to an employer. But if you can do it with confidence and showcase your best self, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from other job seekers applying for the same position.

Pitching yourself to employers doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is take some time to learn about yourself and transform those qualities into something that makes you an asset for any employer.