How essential is personal branding in a crisis such as the pandemic? Should we strengthen or modify our brand to fit the current climate?

How essential is personal branding in a crisis such as the pandemic? Should we strengthen or modify our brand to fit the current climate?

We are in the midst of a worldwide epidemic crisis that has caused many hospitality workers to reinvent themselves through branding.

Even if your job hasn’t changed, how vital is it to present a positive outlook on today’s challenges?

Personal branding is more than just a reputation, says Natalia Wiechowski in her book Personal Branding With LinkedIn. She writes that personal branding is impression management, communication, and a self-leadership tool.

Your Brand Sets You Apart in Any Environment

We should consider how we convey our leadership’s ability to not only survive but prosper post-COVID. Sadly, many individuals don’t think about their reputation. They allow others to define them.

Taking control of your appearance might help you stand out to your present employer and others. You can’t ignore your own branding approach. Making, improving, or strengthening your self-brand is vital. Consider it career life insurance.

This is the moment to better position oneself to succeed, and while building a personal brand is frequently recommended for those just starting, it’s crucial for everyone to be known for their particular skills and qualities.

Displaying Your Value

The ability to successfully explain one’s skills is required. Brand communication is distinct from owning a brand. You can have a good brand of business acumen but not promote it as well. You may be better at one than the other. Resorting to “pandemic branding” won’t help.

Develop your brand and why you want to go down a specific route if you have a team member who lacks confidence in a group. This is more sincere than doing things to gain a promotion. You can create more of what you desire once you know your brand. Be modest, but yet express your capabilities.

What good is it if no one understands your value because you don’t communicate it?  The task this year is to express that value as often as possible. Every chance you get, you have to seize.

Mentorship in a Crisis

As a mentor, you may help others while improving your leadership brand. Many brand leaders have teams and acolytes that look to them for guidance.

Assisting those who are quiet and shy is a good brand policy. You have two clients: the people you work with and the customers you locate for it.

That’s when they first grasp the concept of a personal brand. Be a resource person, not a parasite. Give, and leave the taking to underlings. “Cast your brand upon the waters.” You’ll get good PR in return. And a reputation as a risk-taker. While still being risk-averse for your customers. Blow your own horn…but put a mute on it.

Getting Fit

No one’s abilities or personality can be coerced.

For example, no amount of mentorship can make someone who isn’t a big talker become one or succeed in a profession that requires constant talking. Some things you just can’t convert people to do.

You can change no one’s personality. Don’t force someone to do anything they don’t want to do. In the hiring process concentrate on harnessing strengths rather than skills. Strengths are attributes that you’re born with. Talents are learned attributes. The best mentors are also the most modest.

For a DOS position, actions speak louder than words. When branding, you must consider your values in a position.

How Do I Want to Be Seen?

Some core values are more important than others. Decide ahead of time which ones are your true priorities. “What matters most to me?”

When looking for work, look for what you want. Not what you think you need.

Don’t be afraid to walk away from a bad deal. Have the courage to consider options that at first glance seem foreign or impossible.

In summary, everyone should focus on their personal brand and develop a great communication plan.

Wrapping Up

The capacity to analyze existing company needs, design an effective business plan, and drive change while exhibiting positive leadership is critical during a crisis.

Evaluate and update your personal brand to the current context. 2022 is not going to be the same old thing. Far from it. It can be tempting to engage in pandemic branding, but you should resist.

Your personal brand must give value in an understated, unselfish manner. Brands are not totems. They have no magic in and of themselves. We don’t worship them. We don’t carve them out of gold or teak wood.

A good brand is a mirror into your soul. An authentic brand stops others dead in their tracks. It’s not some gimmicky clickbait.