Personal Branding Lessons From Justin Bieber’s Hairstyle Backlash

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Worthy inspiration may not matter

Bieber is dedicating some of his locks to Ellen DeGeneres to auction on behalf of Gentle Barn organization and is doing the same with other celebrities. This good natured inspiration and the fact his hair is merely a shorter version of the same style give little comfort to super fans who loved him for his look.

Take your time

Vanessa Price, hairstylist, stated in an article by Robert Dougherty, that the Beebs had to think this over for six months before finally choosing to make the cut. The new look took away more than his signature style; it removed his innocent appearance to his fans. His new style, and in turn his brand, is more mature.

Change is difficult

When you decide to change your personal brand, be ready for the change volume to turn up even more. Nearly a month ago when I changed my hair (similar to Bieber I cut it much shorter, although I’m not nearly as popular!), I had no idea what type of change I was making. Clients, friends, family, Facebook followers, Twitter fans and colleagues have commented and voiced their opinion. Your brand is as much theirs as it is yours, in their opinion and change can be difficult for some. Justin Bieber’s super fans quickly responded to his change; he lost 80,000 Twitter fans when he lost his locks.

Embracing backlash

Decisions in life, personal branding or otherwise, always have a response. It’s what you do with the response that matters. Justin Bieber has embraced the backlash and suggested that his super fans, which adored his long locks, purchase a piece of them in support the charities he donated those famous locks to support. Your response will dictate that of those around you. Embrace your new brand and prospective employers, or clients, will embrace it as well. Likewise, shy away or claim you made a mistake and they will see it the same way.