Personal Branding Weekly – It’s Hard Time

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‘Time is of the essence – time is money’. Perhaps we think this phrase to be a tad bit trite, as we have heard people say it over and over again, so much so that these words fall upon our ears passively, like hearing some insistent, broken record in dire need of a new track.
But in my experience as a wife to a retail businessman for over 25 years while being a mother to three beautiful children, the totality of my life story can be summed up into that simple belief – that time is of the essence, time is money.  In fact, time is more valuable than money!

Today, I challenge you – to look at your time. When I say, look at it, I mean, look at how you spend it. No, I’m not referring to the “canned answer” that’s often rote and what’s expected as when asked “what’s most important to you”?  I’m referring to where you spend your time. Look at your calendar and know that where ever you spend your time – is what you value. No matter how you answer the question – where you’re spending time now is what’s important to you. Spending 12 hours of the day on business?  Then, that’s important to you. There’s nothing wrong with that if that is really what is most important to you.

This week we hoped to save you time as you become better at communicating your personal brand, entrepreneurship and career skills.  Here’s what we shared:

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As we wind down 2013, and if you’re serious about developing a personal brand that is “authentically you” and harnessing the power of your own personal strengths – then take the time to find out what really matters to you. Yes, it’s that important. All the promotion, strategies and communication will do you no good if you are not solid on what matter most.