recruitment via linkedin

Before learning about the different steps on how to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn, let’s learn about LinkedIn and the importance of networking.

Job hunting is a pretty difficult experience for anyone who has been trying to land a job for a certain period. Moreover, previously, it was not easy to learn about potential jobs or influential corporate people and contact them. However, the professional world of people has received a significant boost since the invention of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where you have the potential to learn about new jobs, gain knowledge, and establish connections with influential people in different corporate and non-corporate jobs.

And as people are searching for potential jobs, recruiters from different organizations are also conducting thorough searches for suitable employees for their workplaces.

Now, being in the job sector, it is crucial to establish networking. Networking involves connecting with potential people in different job sectors. While networking, it is also necessary to establish connections with recruiters. By establishing connections and communicating with them, you can increase your presence and also cause an increase in your job-acquiring percentage.

Reaching out to Recruiters on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Inmail

LinkedIn Inmail is a private messaging service on the professional social media platform, where the service is designed for people to connect. There are two different options here. You can use the free mail service to communicate only with those who are connected to you. But in this case, the premium users get a better facility. The premium-subscription users can send messages via the mail service to everyone in the LinkedIn community, even if the people are not connected to the users.

Four Major Steps On How to Reach Out to Recruiters in LinkedIn

Step 1

Before you start learning and implementing how to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn, you need to fully update your profile. Fill out every last bit of necessary information to complete the profile 100%. Take the time to include a beautiful picture, a banner, a proper title, your career objectives, and your different skills. They say that for each of those segments, you should research for a bit and then complete the profile by filling up the details. 

This step is crucial because the most optimized profile has the best chance to acquire employment and expand networking.

Step 2

You need to write down a list of your desired companies where you would like to have a job. Make sure the jobs are also relevant to your experience and skill set. Moreover, the list should include the corporate giants for maximum potential exposure. After making the list, utilize the LinkedIn search bar, to find out about each of the companies on your list. 

Since you would like to get a job, you should now try to find recruiters first. But to increase your networking circle, you should find suitable, high-ranking, and highly influential people.

Step 3

Now, you need to search for the right people using the right title and the right name of the company. After searching, you will surely find a list of all the associated recruiters of a certain company or a list of recruiters from different companies. After finding their list, now it is time to connect with them.

In case of establishing a connection, the way is to send them a connection request. There is a blue-shaded “Connect” button in everyone’s profile. Click on the button to send the request. After you click the button, there will be a pop-up box. The box provides you with a choice – to send the message directly or by adding a customized note. 

In most cases, the recruiters wouldn’t know about you unless you have some type of popularity. Now, if that is the case, LinkedIn has a message option that you can attach to your connection request. This is the crucial step, as you have to send a convincing and concise message to the recruiters within 300 words. 

Within these limited words, you have to make them understand your potential. Make the message powerful and thought-provoking. If you can manage to do that, then the game is on. Because if you can do that, now you will have a stronger connection with that person.

Step 4: Connecting with Recruiters Afterwards

Now, you have established connections with the recruiters. Then, you need to continue building up a rapport with everyone. The first step towards building a rapport is to send a “Thank You” message to the recruiter for accepting the request and also that you are looking forward to interacting with them in the future. You can also directly talk to them about any suitable job vacancies. Moreover, you can also attach your CV to your message to let them know directly about you and your potential. It is also important to discuss relevant things with them to let them know about your experience, interests, and achievements.

Now, you just need to maintain a consistent and fruitful relationship. Keep in touch with them, discuss relevant interests, and just maintain a friendly relationship while also ensuring good and unbroken communication. Moreover, if that person knows about your potential, he/she will recommend you for a suitable role in their company provided the opportunity comes. However, be careful not to send too many messages or to bother them at any time. Make sure to plan when to talk to them and act accordingly.


For a better livelihood, employment is crucial. To acquire a good job, you need to try out all the options. Hopefully, this article on how to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn will help a lot of people to get their desired and potential jobs. You just need to follow up all the steps as directed and that will help you expand your present networking circle.