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  • Personal Branding Weekly – Stand Up to Stand Out

    shutterstock_153117176I did say that you need to stop doing it yourself.

    This week I wrote that you have to get out of the mindset of “do it yourself” when it comes to networking.

    Yet, one thing you can do yourself is stand up to stand out when you network.

    Get off your rear!  I mean it.

    I was at a networking event this week and walked in to see many people just sitting and eating enamored by their phone.

    And, I had three thoughts go through my mind:

    • #1 either you’ve paid for a really expensive snack (since all you’re doing is sitting there and eating instead of meeting people and networking)
    • #2 there’s no one here worth meeting
    • #3 you’re holding court (expecting that people will come to see you and network with you while you stay on your seat – like a king/queen on her throne)

    I don’t care that you were on your phone.  I’m an active networker who’s up-to-speed with online and offline networking and realize that real time conversations, information and connections are happening even when the online and offline worlds come together.

    Yet, to sit and ignore that you’re at a networking event. What is that?

    If you want to stand out, stand up.  Move around, meet people, introduce yourself and join in (listen in first) to conversation.

    Use your phone to locate if there’s anyone from your online network at this offline event. Look up people on LinkedIn so that you can get a sense of who they are before you jump into a conversation with them.

    For your personal brand to stand out and to be memorable, you will first need to be visible. [tweet this]

    And, you can do that by standing up and “working” your network.

    Next networking event, I challenge you to stand up.  Give up the grip, grin and graze and focus on the grip and grin.  After all, you can eat later.  You didn’t really go there for the food did you?

    Here are some other helpful tips to make sure you’re managing your personal brand well:

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