Social Media Job photo from ShutterstockAccording to Jobvite, an online recruiting platform that surveyed employer social media use in 2013, 94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts and 78% of recruiters have made a hire through social media. However, many people use social media for personal reasons that can make it difficult to attract an employer or, depending on what is posted, could turn them off all together. Here are six tips to using social media to land a job.

1) Clean up your digital dirt.  Employers will do an Internet search on your name and judge your character based on what shows up. If your Twitter feed is filled with controversial comments or your Facebook page is filled with drinking pictures, you might hurt your chances of getting hired. Deleting content is a start, although it’s no guarantee that all the incriminating posts will disappear. Push down questionable search results by posting positive, career oriented comments instead.

2) Set up complete profiles including professional picture. Revise your social media profiles to reflect the professional you are. Share the benefits your skills and experience offer to potential employers. Include links to a blog or portfolio of work that highlights your job skills.

3) Post comments that show off your talent and knowledge of your work and industry. Instead of sharing what you had for breakfast or the latest TV spoiler-alert, share information or comment on current trends in your industry.

4) Connect and engage with others in your industry. The benefits of networking is that one person can lead you to other people who may have a job or who know someone who has a job. Seek out connections with influencers and people in your industry who can offer guidance and introductions. Don’t just post about yourself or ask for work. Instead, comment, share insights and engage with people as you would if you were talking in person.

5) Become a go-to person for information in your industry. A great way to attract potential employers is to be seen as an expert in the field. You can do this by posting and commenting on current trends and sharing insights in your industry.

6) Search for jobs.  Not only can you give a professional appearance on social media, but it can directly connect you with job openings. For example, LinkedIn has a job search database. Or you can use a job search hashtag on Twitter or Facebook to find work in your industry. For example, if you are an accountant, you can search #accountingjobs on Twitter.

Social media can be fun and entertaining, but used correctly, it can lead to job opportunities as well. The key is to present yourself as a professional who is knowledgeable in your field.