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    Why You Still Need Business Cards Infographic

    Venngage, the infographic creator website, created a great infographic for my previous blog post “Why You Still Need Business Cards“. This week I wanted to share this infographic with all of you and again highlight the importance of having business cards for everybody.

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    Why You Still Need Business Cards


    Business cards may seem old fashioned especially for Generation Y and Z. However, it is still essential to actually carry a business card because it provides an easy way of letting other people get in touch with you and is more personal compared to a digital contact exchange. Therefore, it looks like business cards will …

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    The Do’s and Don’ts of Designing Business Cards

    A business card reflects your personal brand. It is also a great marketing tool for yourself and your company. Especially during networking events, a business card is the first item someone receives from you and as a result, it is your first chance to make an impression on that person. Therefore, creating a business card …

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    You ALWAYS Need a Business Card

    As an ongoing experiment, I’ve spent the last year without business cards to see whether I truly needed them or not. I work in digital marketing, which means most of my work and communication happens online, not on the phone.

    And since nearly everyone in the digital marketing world knows how to get in touch …

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    You Are Not Your Business Card

    There’s a question we all seem to get in networking situations – “What do you do?” Invariably, we answer with “I’m a (occupation) and I work for (company).”

    I started thinking about how this defines so very little about why people find our personal brands memorable. We lead with what’s on our business card. But …

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