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    Freelancers, Stop Accepting Low Pay

    It’s a damn shame to see what some companies are offering freelancers. It’s even more shameful to think that there are freelancers who will accept it.

    One content marketing website that posts freelance opportunities is filled with requests for professional, experienced writers who are knowledgeable in their field to write 300 – 500 word blog …

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    Tools Don’t Matter, Skill Does

    In the ongoing debate over the existence of social media experts, people point to the ever changing landscape of social media as their evidence that there’s no such thing as experts. The anti-expert side argues that the mere fact that social media tools pop in and out of existence, or that they dramatically change their …

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    Five Phone Calls You Need to Make This Week

    I hate my phone. After 14 years in sales, spending a couple hours each day on the phone with customers, I try to avoid it whenever I can. I prefer text and email.

    But the phone is still the best, most effective, most efficient means of communication I’ll ever hold in my hand. Rather than …

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    Improve Your Best Skills, Not Your Worst Ones

    Several years ago, I was the sales and marketing director for a small software company. One day, my boss said he wanted me to work on my tech support, since that wasn’t a very strong skill for me.

    “But I do marketing,” I said. “Why do I need to get better at tech support?”

    “Because …

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    Knocked Down 7 Times? Stand Up 8

    A pep talk.

    My favorite moment in the entire Rocky Balboa pantheon is not when he beats the hell out of Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago. It’s near the end of the first movie, Rocky, at the end of the 14th round when he’s been beaten so badly, he can barely stand.

    He’s so tired …

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    Basic Articles Mean Mediocre Articles

    Rescue me from beginners’ secrets!

    Everywhere I turn, I’m inundated by yet another article about “social media secrets” or “blogging secrets” that don’t contain any actual secrets. They’re such beginning-level articles that, if they had any secrets, have the worst-kept secrets anyone has ever known.

    “Psst, hey buddy. Edison invented the light bulb. Don’t tell …

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    Tell People You’re Job Hunting Without Seeming Desperate

    You’re on the search for a new job, and you know the best path to your next one is to reach out to your network to see if they can help. But how can you tell people you’re looking for a new job or a career change without seeming desperate? Here are a few do’s …

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    Three Secrets to Sounding More Confident In Your Writing

    Mediocre writing teems with timidity and hesitation. That’s why it’s so boring. Weasel words and loopholes abound, because the authors are so afraid of making a mistake and looking bad. As a result, the author comes across as lacking in confidence and unsure of their ideas.

    There are three ways to sound confident in your …

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    Three Personal Branding Secrets for Academics

    People in academia live life more than a little differently from those of us in the business world. Even the rules of personal branding and networking are different. You don’t get tenure based on valuable relationships and what you have done for others. It’s based on publishing, teaching, and committee work.

    But that doesn’t mean …

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    Five Blogging Lessons Learned From Newspaper Columnists

    If you want to be a thought leader in your field, to be seen as one of its leading authorities, you need to pay special attention to how you blog.

    You can’t just splut out a blog post here and there, and expect people to take you seriously. You also can’t have an overly formal …

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