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    How to Brand Yourself as an Ad Agency

    How to Brand Yourself as an Ad Agency

    How do startups, established companies, and even influencers get more traction, close deals, and build buzz? Many partner with ad agencies to help them spread their messaging and get them a serious lift. In fact, ad agencies frequently play essential roles when it comes to helping businesses profit and scale digitally and offline.

    In the …

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    How to Swing Back After a Business Venture Goes Awry

    Even many of the most successful entrepreneurs have the experience of a business venture going wrong. The intricacies of business can cause a venture to falter, even if you’re not directly responsible for the downfall. Unfortunately, the many moving cogs of a new venture can cause you to overlook essential factors, resulting in a regretful …

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    Learn from the Best: Make Your Startup Succeed

    Launching a startup isn’t easy. Succeeding is even more difficult. There’s no quick fix or remedy to ensure the prosperous launch of your startup. You are, however, at an advantage at the moment. Thousands of other people have launched their own startups. Some of them bombed, while others took off. Now it’s possible to learn …

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    What I Wish I Knew as an Undergraduate

    4 years ago I presented to a group of UCLA undergraduates about Entrepreneurship vs the Corporate World.  My goal was to show undergraduates how they can break the template lifestyle and say “No” to the corporate job that they believe they need to get. As an undergraduate, I too was brain-washed into believing that the …

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