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    The Lazy Way to Build Relationships

    I’m not a big networker.  I dislike networking events, I’m a hesitant public speaker, and I prefer to stay at home and watch a Netflix movie with my girlfriend rather than go out to a startup mixer here in the city.

    But yet, I still meet new people every week and consistently expand my network.  …

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    Entrepreneurs that Utilize their Online Reputation to Get Customers

    When I first started as an entrepreneur in 2007, my company was called FD Career. Our goal was to build a virtual community to help make the brick and mortar business world more effective and productive. My role within the organization was sales and marketing, and I was in charge of obtaining new clients. My …

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    How to Develop Thought Leadership

    Thought leadership in an industry is important to generate inbound leads and have clients come to you. Sales is thought of traditionally as a result of cold-calling or cold-emailing — purely from hard work in developing relationships and pushing for the sale. But the smart marketer or salesperson understands that sales conversions greatly increase when …

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    What Startups Look for in First Employees

    It’s a given that startups look to recruit entrepreneurial-minded, hard-working, talented individuals. However, many business professionals don’t understand that the skills and abilities they’ve gained while in the corporate world rarely translate to the startup world — especially for early to medium stage startups.

    I recently had three friends from college ask me about my …

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    How to Build a Powerful Resume

    Though the majority of the career world raves about video resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and personal blogs for the use of recruitment, the truth is that resumes are still a necessity for the majority of job positions. If you’re experienced and are going after a position at an early-stage tech startup, then perhaps you can get …

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    To Startup Is No Longer the Question

    It’s become so easy to build a startup: all it takes is a $100 or an intro to a group of well connected entrepreneurs to get your juices flowing. It’s no longer a question about how to start a company, but rather, what type of company should you start.

    The following are the different types …

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    How to Build and Inspire A Team

    In my 6 years of entrepreneurship, I’ve learned that the team is the most important part of the equation. Therefore, a single founder shouldn’t spend the majority of his time looking for funding, or building a product; instead, the single founder should spend the majority of his time building the perfect team.

    The anatomy of…
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    Use Your Time Intelligently

    Many entrepreneurs have an exciting new idea every week. There are new opportunities everywhere, and entrepreneurs are great at finding them when no one else seems to be looking.  Though this can be a great asset, it can also be a detriment.

    We’ve all heard the phrase, “You need laser-like focus to succeed”.  Though I …

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    The Only Way to Stand Out Above the Crowd

    The market is crowded. Every vertical has a professional trying to brand himself as the expert in the field, saturating the market and making it difficult to stand out above all the noise.  Becoming the best has nothing to do with being the best; rather, it’s all about perception and how the market perceives you. …

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    The Art of the Cold Call Voicemail

    Let me start by stating that I’m not a fan of cold calling. But there are times in life when you absolutely must, so it’s best to utilize methods that have proven high conversion rates.

    The majority of cold calls are going to go to voicemail. It’s critical to have a practiced, concise, and straight-to-the-point …

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