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    7 Careers to Pursue with Your Communications Degree

    Pursuing a Communications Degree in 2021

    It’s an old, well-worn joke by now: “A communications degree? What can you do with that?” Well, as it turns out…a lot. There has never been a better time to pursue a degree in communications.

    Why? Because our interconnected society relies on communication more than ever.

    Today’s world relies on information from big data to …

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    The Benefits of Working with a Career Coach

    Working Together

    I received a phone call from someone asking me whether I’m a career coach or a career counselor. I reversed the question to see whether the caller knows the distinction between the two terms. As expected, the caller did not. But that caller was not in the minority, because almost everyone uses the two terms …

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    College or Career: Smart Gen Z Choices

    How often are you impressed by someone to the point you want to go the extra mile to make a difference in their life? That’s what happened when I met 21-year old Lauren of LN Accents at the WGN Studios in December. She was just 19 years old when she began LN Accents, which has …

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    Why Single Women Make More Money

    Everywhere you go these days there’s some technology buzzing with news of this or that. Last night I hopped in a cab hoping for a few minutes of blackberry free relaxation after a week that was so stressful I literally fell asleep waiting for my nails to dry at the salon. Instead I was captured …

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    Job Search Etiquette: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

    With 84% of employed professionals active seeking a different career opportunity and nearly 14 Million Americans unemployed, there is an abundance of job seekers in today’s market.  In a market more competitive than The Great Depression, savvy job seekers need to have their manners as polished as their shoes.

    Polish your impression

    To help polish …

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    4 Ways To Successfully Negotiate A Job Offer

    It’s taken months and months just to land an interview and now the call you’ve been waiting for has finally happened, they offered you the job. Just when you thought the process was over, the hard part begins. Do you take the offer or negotiate? According to The EDGE Report, 61% of today’s employers are …

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    How Your Bad Habits Affect Your Job Search

    Puff the not-so-magic dragon. Today’s health care costs have employers cracking down on everything from smoking to drinking, weight loss and more. Is it legal for an employer to stick their nose in your off-work play? Can this really affect your job search? 5% of employees represent 50% of health care costs which is why …

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