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    The Gig Economy and The Rise of the Uber-Specialists

    Gig Economy

    Does the gig economy encourage the rise of the Uber Specialist?

    Where Uber Specialist means a person with deep and specific skills.

    Note: This has NOTHING to do with the car service.

    Effectively this is the market and model for independent consultants since the dawn of time. Where someone has a unique skill that people …

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    The Rise of the Specialist

    Brand Refresh

    I have a theory.

    It’s been developing for a few years.

    It’s been tested over the past couple of years.

    And it may be coming to a head now.

    Did the Great Recession Create Specialists?

    This is one conclusion I have come to. I’ve not tested it extensively with regressive and longitudinal studies, but I …

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    8 Ways To Brand Yourself As A SME

    (even if you’re a Generalist)

    As I discussed in earlier articles, branding yourself as a generalist doesn’t work in today’s search driven market of job shortages and mass competition.

    Today’s employers don’t even hire generalists for jobs requiring a generalist. Employers hire subject matter expertise first, then choose the subject matter expert who also has …

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    Job Seekers: Branding Yourself As A Generalist Doesn’t Work

    It used to be, the further you got in your career, the more you described yourself as a generalist.

    You’d brand yourself as a generalist because that’s what you’ve learned your whole career – that being a generalist was valuable, demonstrating your ability to quickly adapt to new situations and learn new skills.

    The generalist…
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