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    Pay Attention


    We’ve heard this since time immemorial.

    From the time we were in kindergarten and first grade all the way through college and into our professional careers.

    Pay Attention

    One of my favorite movies is “Inside Man” where the main character Dalton Russell, played by Clive Owen, says something near the end of the movie.

    He …

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    Just Answer The Question

    Unethical task

    We all know that politicians are incapable of answering the question being asked.

    But, you don’t need to take your queues from politicians.

    Even if you ARE a politician you should seek to …

    Just Answer The Question


    When was the last time you answered the question that was asked of you?

    Think about …

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    Using Five Before Ten Lists to Get Things Done


    It’s all about Getting Things Done these days.

    There are as many models for Getting Things Done (GTD) as there are stars in the sky. Well, maybe not that many, but close.

    What’s your preferred method for Getting Things Done?

    I’d like to share a model I am experimenting with now. It’s simple to say …

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    What Can You Dump Today to Be More Productive?

    Strength Weakness

    Using the 4D’s of Time Management can help you become more productive.

    But, there is a cost. While you may be respected for your time management skills you may not be very well liked.

    Be aware of this when you apply The 4D’s to your business and personal time management efforts.

    What are the 4D’s …

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    What Can You Do In Two Minutes?

    time management myths

    The answer is… A lot!

    Everyone has the same amount of time every day. How you decide to use that time is, for the most part, up to you.

    We all get the same 86,400 seconds every day. Use them wisely (and occasionally) in 120 second bursts!

    Consider the Two Minute Drill

    There is a …

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    Three Words You Should Banish from Your Vocabulary

    There are three words I suggest banning from your vocabulary. Not because they aren’t words (that’s a different post all together), but because when these words are used it usually means the person using them doesn’t have a plan or an intention to do whatever it is you are asking. At best they are filler …

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    What Have You Been Doing While I Was Gone

    Have you ever been asked this question? Have you ever asked someone else this question?

    If yes. Did the question cause a lot of anxiety or angst? It shouldn’t. Not if you were expecting it.

    To me this is a reasonable question that one can expect to be asked. I think this is a question …

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