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    Why is a Positive Attitude Important

    Team meeting

    It’s human nature to gravitate toward people, information, or places that imply a happier outlook. You provide that outlook for yourself, one that no one can take away. Frankly, few of us have any justification for the negative, pessimistic perspective that we let ourselves get bogged down with. No matter what you’re going through that’s …

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    What is a Work Game-face?

    Work Game Face

    You don’t need a wide smile, a snapshot pose, a big ‘ole rubber beam, or a wolfish grin. Rather, you need just a slightly open mouth with a friendly upturn of the lips—a small smile. The demeanor I’m promoting is an undaunted, comfortable-in-your-skin, shiny business game face. Consider the following:

    A shiny face from your…
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    Wisdom to Increase Happiness, Productivity, and a Meaningful Life

    Autumn is a great time for reflection, introspection and change. The fall reminds us that just as the leaves change back to their true colors through photosynthesis, we too can return to our true colors, the ones we really could be most proud of. If we choose to have a more meaningful and fulfilling life, …

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    Dewitt Jones Celebrates “What’s Right With the World”

    Kudu’s to Dewitt Jones, a 20 year veteran photographer for National Geographic.  Dewitt is one of those people who understands the power of focus; not just for a camera, but for life.

    Joy and happiness derive from focus management, which is a technique to enhance quality of life, no matter what circumstance you face.  Managing …

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