Author: Jay Block

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Career Coaches Can Transform Your Life In 3 Days

The expression “making a living” doesn’t even make sense!  How do you make a “living” working?

Professional career coaches set the record straight by distinguishing between living and working.

Definitions and meanings

Somehow, our ‘terminology” got really messed up.  There is a profound difference between making a living (how you live) and working at a …

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The #1 Formula for Brand Greatness

Service to others leads to greatness and wealth.

The more people you serve, the greater your rewards.  There is no formula for greatness or wealth that supersedes this one.

Authentic, unconditional service to others leads to self-reward.  When you help people cross the bridge from discouragement to success, greatness is achieved.  When you provide answers …

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How To RETHINK And Grow Rich

The old ways and the old days will not return.  We live in a new global community fueled by a technology-driven economy and marketplace.  The good news is that today, contrary to what you have been told by the negative and pessimistic voices competing for your attention, or what you think, there are UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES.…

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Oprah’s Secret To Curing Your Brand’s Bad Mood

Focus on your left toe.  No, not really.

Ever been in a bad mood?  Personal brands and professionals like yourself, responsible for brand development, management, and improvement, can’t avoid tough times and bad days.  Have you ever had moments where you just lost it and went into overwhelm; where everyone and everything were just driving …

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One Idea Will Make You Rich

Fact:  You have one idea that will make you rich !

If you read and follow the simple advice below, you will identify that one idea that will catapult your brand (and you) over the top; and I mean over the top financially.

1)       Fact: Idea generation is easy. You don’t need to have an …

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Character Donations: The Anonymous Brand

A check was received anonymously for $300 by the American Red Cross.  A $20 donation was made anonymously to help the suffering people in Japan.  A $50,000 check was anonymously sent to the American Cancer Society to help find the cure.

We’ve all heard the expressions “what goes around comes around” and “givers gain.”  If …

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The Strangest Miracle

“I’m not on drugs,” Denise said; her green eyes piercing mine.

I uncomfortably nodded my agreement. I was Denise’s executive job coach.  She was an IT professional, a single mother of two children, and highly intelligent and success-driven.  Denise was always in control of her emotions, so I found her comment rather odd.

Denise called …