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    You Want to be Hired. Here is How.

    Employee Colleagues

    For you, the only thing you want is to get a job. For the hiring manager, making the hire is a priority competing with many others at the same time. So what is going on in the hiring manager’s mind? Most hiring managers take no pleasure in the hiring process. It’s just one more thing …

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    Use Sales Strategies to Negotiate A Job Offer

    Interviewing for a job can be a nerve-wracking experience. Many are in a position of disliking their current position so much they believe they would take almost anything when a new offer comes along. But as we all know, that is a poor solution.

    Waiting for the better match is a wiser path to take. …

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    Sell Acuity To Get Hired

    According to the thesaurus, acuity refers to keen awareness, perception, insight and alertness. Imagine demonstrating all of this on an initial interview. What do you believe the hiring manager will think of you as this is portrayed? That’s right, your personal brand will blossom making you the favored candidate!

    The importance of interviews

    You lead …

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    Is Fear Surrounding Money Preventing You From Succeeding?

    “Price too high / too low / fair?”

    The same people suffer from the fear of asking for more money or saying no to a project that is monetarily unfair. This is true too for many job seekers at the end of the interviewing process who are fearful of asking more money than what is …

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