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    A Great Personal Brand Can Shape Your Legacy!

    When many people hear the question, “What’s your personal brand?” their hair stands on end. It can sound like you’re implying that a unique individual is reduced to the equivalent of a packaged product. The word “brand” isn’t typically associated with human qualities: Defining your brand requires you to take an objective, impersonal look at …

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    Personal Branding: The Seven Deadly Sins

    Since the dawn of the new millennium, Personal Branding has been going from strength to strength and is currently being touted as one of the ‘make or break’ factors for career success. Need recent proof to substantiate this claim? How about the inclusion of this blog on the Forbes ‘Top 75 Websites for your Career‘ …

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    5 Recommendations for new Social Media Pros

    Many readers of Personal Branding Blog have demonstrated a keen interest in working in social media and some have already joined the ranks of this forward-looking profession. I would like my first message to the newcomers to be a warm welcome: we need the best professionals to make our world go digital and anybody motivated …

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    Mourinho and 5 Lessons in Personal Branding

    Reviled by some yet idolized by others, controversial Real Madrid head coach Jose Mourinho does not leave anyone indifferent. If never a sports figure generated such media frenzy, this is undoubtedly due to the Portuguese success – despite some of his objectionable actions – in building a solid personal brand that has not only withstood …

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