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    Don’t Wait: Tricks for Landing Your Dream Job

    happy at work

    We often miss out on some of life’s best opportunities because we’re seeking perfection. Think of how many family vacations or first dates have ended up as let-downs because of heightened expectations. In the workplace, many people remain stuck in dead end jobs to avoid the risk of exploring a new opportunity. Most satisfied employees …

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    Happy New Year!!!!!! (With Extra Exclamation Points)

    Happy New Year!!!!!!! (These exclamation points will mean something in 28 seconds)

    Most of us won’t have too much brainpower today, so let’s get right to it.

    Here’s a quick review of Entrepreneur Magazine’s proposed Exclamation Point Guidelines for 2012. These should help communicate our personal brands as we approach the New Year:

    Entrepreneur’s interpretation…
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    2012: The Year of the Personal Brand

    Some might argue that 2011 was the year personal branding really stepped into the forefront as one of — if not the — most important ways to take control of our life. I’d argue that 2011 was just a fraction of the overall growth this industry is going to see in 2012, and beyond. Google, …

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    A New Year Full of Hope and Optimism

    “True genius sees with the eyes of a child and thinks with the brain of a genie” – Puzant Kevork Thomajan

    Another year has flown by in lightening speed, We keep navigating the storms and re-evaluating our needs. So many challenges yielding so many solutions, It’s all come down to faith and execution.

    Life has …

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