Happy New Year!!!!!! (With Extra Exclamation Points)

Personal Branding

Happy New Year!!!!!!! (These exclamation points will mean something in 28 seconds)

Most of us won’t have too much brainpower today, so let’s get right to it.

Here’s a quick review of Entrepreneur Magazine’s proposed Exclamation Point Guidelines for 2012. These should help communicate our personal brands as we approach the New Year:

Entrepreneur’s interpretation of current accepted meanings:

! = Mild enthusiasm, possibly feigned.
!! = Legitimate mild enthusiasm.
!!! = Moderate enthusiasm.
!!!! = Considerable enthusiasm.
!!!!! = “Maybe by typing so many exclamation points I can convince myself that such excitement is actually warranted.”
!!!!!! = “What the hell–I’m just going to throw in some more exclamation points.”

Entrepreneur’s proposed new meanings:

! = This is so exciting.
!! = This is revolutionary.
!!! = I am literally about to pass out from excitement.
!!!! = I’m serious. I’m literally passing out right now.
!!!!! = Seriously, I’m in bad shape here. Call 911.
!!!!!! = No, wait. I’m feeling better. But seriously, this is really exciting.

So…Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!