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    Presents aren’t The Only Thing the Holidays Bring…

    It’s that time of year again and you know what that means…

    As we roll into December, managers and employees across the country prepare for everyone’s “favorite” things, performance reviews!

    While a performance review is less than fun (both for those having to put them together and for those who they are about), it is …

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    Performance Review: 3 More Ways To Sell Your Brand

    Performance reviews: though most dread the appraisal process, it can actually be a great way to access and sell your personal brand. Going through the process annually is a good thing – it allows you to grow, develop, and become an expert in your field while advancing within the company.

    The challenge for most during …

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    Sell Your Brand On Performance Review Day

    Sales techniques apply 100% to helping you earn an improved performance review. Planning ahead from day one will help you avoid lost time.

    The first rule to adhere to is, always sell yourself to management. This is accomplished by embracing documentation. I am not one for paperwork but the essentials are easy to organize in …

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