Performance Review: 3 More Ways To Sell Your Brand

Personal Branding

Performance reviews: though most dread the appraisal process, it can actually be a great way to access and sell your personal brand. Going through the process annually is a good thing – it allows you to grow, develop, and become an expert in your field while advancing within the company.

The challenge for most during the performance review is to successfully sell your personal brand to your employer. You’ll want to ask yourself – What value does my personal brand bring to company and how does my personal brand transcend into the company’s goals?

To help you plan those answers into constructive documentation, WorkSimple’s “Performance Review Survival Guide” lists 24 tips to prepare and ace your performance review. Check out these three tips to sell your personal brand during your performance review:

Audit Your Work. Your personal brand is partly comprised of your “work story,” or reputation within the company. Talk about the projects you worked on and the results you contributed. With this, your employer will get an idea about what you bring to company.

Rattle Off Active Goals. For your career and for the company, you’ll want to extend the scope of your personal brand, which is possible through attaining goals. Be ready to share and demonstrate progress toward your goals, as well as discuss three to six short-term (less than 45 days) or long-term (up to several months) goals you want to achieve.

Don’t Get Defensive. A good attitude will go a long way for your personal brand. If you and your employer disagree at one point, you can either show documentation that clarifies your point. If the disagreement still exists, you can agree to disagree respectively and ask for feedback about how you can improve.

It’s essential for your career that branding transcends into the workplace. Infollowing these tips, your personal brand will be apparent in your performance review and to your employer.