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Small Business Owners: Is Your Personal Brand Suffering?

Everyone read email today.

By the time this post publishes, not everyone will have posted on Facebook, or even tweeted, added to your Snapchat story, pinner something or not had any time to put anything on Instagram – yet today.

Yet, we’ve all read email. In fact, most have read it four times already today. …

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Workplace Meetings: Hate ‘Em, But Can’t Live Without ‘Em

If you had been at a recent keynote I delivered last week you probably would have agreed with audience members who identified meetings with no assigned accountabilities as a serious workplace communication problem.

It’s one of the biggest complaints I get from audiences when asked for their biggest frustrations with communication in their workplaces.

Millions …

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Workplace Meetings: A Magical Strategy for Greater Attendee Participation

The biggest complaint organizational leaders and managers have regarding workplace meetings is that attendees do not participate verbally and sit in silence even after asked for feedback or input.

This would be accepted by the meeting’s leader if the meeting wasn’t followed by individuals commenting between each other, or complaining directly to the meeting’s leader …

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How Workplace Happiness Affects Your Paycheck

Studies have shown that when we are happy at work, we are smarter, more motivated, more competitive and, thus more successful. While it’s widely known that overall fulfillment allows us to enjoy more meaningful relationships and better health, few understand that it impacts a paycheck… significantly.

The Correlation Between Success and Happiness

There is a …