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    Job Hunting Hack: Get Hired From a Single Post


    One simple tactic on LinkedIn can lead to your absolutely ideal job. This approach is especially important if you do NOT have the qualifications, work history, education or experience that would make you a perfect candidate.

    So, if you have a strong interest or great enthusiasm but nothing on your resume that qualifies you, here’s …

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    R3H1: Could This Be the Answer to ALL Your Problems?


    What is your problem? It may not matter. R3H1 may be the one answer that directly solves about 98% of what is bugging you, getting in your way, and keeping you stressed.

    R3H1 is my code for Rules, Routines, Rituals and Habits.

    Arising from the science of project management, R3H1 gets you focused on working …

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    Personal Branding Pledge 2016

    Older People For Employees

    This is the real time, a surreal time when obstacles fall away

    By simply approaching them and encroaching on a new field of play

    I go where I want because suddenly nothing is too tough

    No barrier is too tall, no opponent is too rough to defeat me

    Today, this year, or the remainder of …

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    The New TLC: Trustworthy, Likable, and Charismatic!


    Get ready for a shock to your ego. You may be the most reliable, congenial and caring individual – but it don’t mean a thing if you don’t have that zing! By zing, I mean that magnetic power some people have to light up a room with their personality. Charisma.

    For a long time, we’ve …

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    Why We Hate Interns

    With 16 years of teaching at the executive level of business at several major universities, I have had my fill of students asking me to arrange internships for them. It’s one of the oddest parts of teaching, in fact. The reason it’s so strange for students to ask me to place them in an internship? …

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    What Do You Give A Mentor at Thanksgiving?

    Mentors are an uncelebrated group of devoted individuals, who often give their time in return for nothing more than your carrying on their legacy of giving back. If you have a mentor, you know the advice, conversations, guidance, interest and encouragement may be the single greatest determinant of your success. A mentor can help you …

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    How Do You Make Facebook Enemies?

    With every attack on innocent people everywhere: we try not to lose faith in humanity. We urge each other to believe that good triumphs over evil. We propound that we will continue to go out, to shop, to go to school, venture out to work, eat in cafes and attend concerts.

    We say that to …

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    Is There Really Cross-Cultural Communication?

    As a corporate director of global marketing, a former Coke executive (in 190 countries around the world) and an instructor of Global Marketing at UCLAx: I could not be more cross-culturally inclined. So, with all the authority that I can muster, I tell you this.

    There is zero communication between people of different countries or …

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    Evil Does Exist. It May be One of Your Coworkers.

    Narcissists are among the most interesting coworkers. They are also repugnant, disruptive and poisonous to a business, and potentially to your career. That is, if your narcissist sees you as anything except a reflection of his or her greatness. So, you must interact with your narcissist as if everything she does deserves nothing but positive …

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    Are You the Office Trick or Treat?

    Organizational leadership guru Adam Grant recently commented on what spoils a workplace culture. It’s surprisingly simple. It takes just one person to obliterate a collaborative, supportive and positive environment. It doesn’t have to be a person at the top. One mean-spirited, conniving, credit-hogging, work-shirking colleague will ruin your day, your week, or however long you …

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