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    3 Ways Being a Bookworm Translates to Career Success


    Reading may have traditionally been seen as one of life’s great pleasures, but in the age of smartphones, game consoles and Netflix, amusing oneself with blocks of unmoving text has become increasingly unappealing. Amongst American adults, 1 in 4 read no books at all.

    But books are important. They fire our imagination and immerse us …

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    Read the Books Your Parents Read


    Lately I’ve been flashing back to a book I recently read.

    It’s a remembrance of a more genteel time.

    But, it had a chilling effect on my thinking.

    It’s a book my father read.

    I ignored it for many years. Until a friend brought it up. Then I paid attention.

    Why is that? Why did …

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    What’s on your summer reading and writing list

    What will you be reading this summer?

    What will you be writing this summer?

    Finding time to do both can be easier than you think.

    Almost everyone I know says they never have time to read any more. While I think most of us read a lot every day it’s not the kind of reading …

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    Reading and Personal Branding Success

    Although the connection between writing and personal branding success is  obvious, the connection between reading and personal branding success is often less clear.

    Nevertheless, reading plays an important role in your ability to write.

    The more you read, and the more critically you read, the better you’ll able to write the articles, blog posts, books, …

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