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    Doing Your Taxes Yourself: 6 Things to Know

    Doing your taxes yourself can be fraught with peril, but with a little assistance — and patience — the upside for your business can be huge.

    Federal income tax forms are complicated. However, if you’re good with numbers — and patient — it may save you a lot of money to do your taxes yourself.

    The more deductions you have on your federal income tax return, the better chance you’ll get cash back from the government.

    The more exemptions you have, …

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    12 Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions for Freelancers

    The self-employed should keep most income tied up in their business. Add to that tip these 12 commonly overlooked freelancer tax deductions.

    W-2 employees that work for a business or corporation pay between 7.65-15.3% on taxes but typically pay 10%. Federal income taxes must be withheld from each employee, but employers often pay a significant amount of their tax burden to the IRS before tax time.

    1099-NEC independent contractors or freelancers pay 12.4% for Social Security, 2.9% …

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    Tax Deductions Your Small Business Can’t Afford to Miss


    As a small business owner, you’re always on the hunt to efficiently save money. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or you operate with a small team, you and your business can benefit from taking the tax deductions you qualify for. Unfortunately, many small business owners aren’t aware of what they’re able to deduct.

    If you …

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