What It Takes To Ace Today’s Popular Video Interviews

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What’s free, has 663 Million users, has an app for every smart phone from the iPhone to Droid and Blackberry and can be used on either a Mac or PC?

If you said skype you’re in tune with the video technology, launched in 2003, that has become a popular choice for many of today’s hiring managers. As a career coach I began offering skype-based coaching sessions two years ago and in the past six months, clients sessions via skype have increased by 250%.

Virtual in-person connection

In today’s global business market, with hiring decisions made by managers throughout the country and oftentimes the world, video interviews offer companies a low-cost option to make a virtual in-person connection with candidates.

Think In-Person
When coaching clients via Skype, they’re often surprised at what I can see and hear; for example, each keystroke they make I can hear through the video. This is just one of the many things we adjust when preparing for the live video interview. Here are a few more video interview tips for you to use next time.

Five ways to increase your video interview success:

  1. Dress for the Interview, from the waist up. Your hair, neck, ears and collar all show clearly for the most part.
  2. Test your technology. Double check your camera and audio work well.
  3. Avoid distractions. Noise, action and movements (e.g. dogs, kids, wind, sunlight) will be picked up and detract from your professional results.
  4. Beautiful background. Set your system up where the background is professional (e.g. chair, desk, plant, wall)
  5. Print your notes. Keystrokes can be heard on skype; printing out notes and questions allows you to focus your eyes on the camera.

Closing the deal

Landing an interview is a success unto itself whether it’s via phone, video or in-person. Once the interview has ended it’s important to close the deal and ask for the job, in a subtle way of course. Ask a question similar to,“Can you share with me the next steps in your hiring process?” or “When do you plan on making a decision?”

Always send a thank you, even for a video interview, ideally both email and handwritten with 24 hours.