Which factors cause MBA branding students to receive their ideal internships and job offers? We all wonder what makes the difference.

Which factors cause MBA branding students to receive their ideal internships and job offers? We all wonder what makes the difference.

There’s an old Asian proverb that goes, “You can’t sell a donkey as a horse.” This holds true for those who have MBAs as opposed to those who don’t. You might be able to ride somewhere with both, as the above proverb hints. But only the MBA can take you as far as you want to go in style.

So the question is do you want to sit on your backside…or your horse? Do you want a career or a job?

The MBA Difference

The MBA gives you a real crack at branding yourself as CEO material or as an influencer. It keeps your image crystal clear in front of the crowd and on social media.

You are smart. Educated. Elite. Hard-working. And you know how to play the angles!

Now, if you’d rather project an image of yourself as happy to let things slide and slack off, by all means don’t pursue an MBA. Why bother? You’ll probably get by on your good looks or family connections. It happens all the time.

But if you want the immense pride that comes with achieving personal branding stardom, an MBA ain’t chopped liver.

Chopped Liver?

Yes, chopped liver. In other words, you can choose to be common with your brand, settling for a degree from some community college. You’ll still make it if the gods of branding smile on you.

But for the sweet smell of success? The nirvana of universal acclaim? Well, for that you need MBA right after your name.

For example, no one remembers Henry Flagstaff, who invented the resistor tube for radios back in the 1950s. He was self-taught, and never felt the need to brag about his invention. So nobody remembers him. Then look at Dagmar — who hosted a series of live television shows at the same time in the 1950s. She had the personality of a sponge…but she also had an MBA. And she talked it up on the air. And today people still talk about Dagmar. Of course, they mostly remember her statuesque appearance, not her MBA. But without that sheepskin, her golden fleece would have been less well known.

Branding Bravura

Making an impression sometimes means faking success before you actually have it.

Is this wrong? That depends. You must believe in your achievements before they occur. This is called pre-emptive marketing when it comes to your branding. So start acting like an MBA holder now. Don’t wait until you have the degree in hand.

Don’t lie, of course. Avoid making your career by false pretenses. But take one night school course right now. One that leads to an MBA. Then you can truthfully advertise yourself as working towards an MBA.

People love night school graduates. Mayor LaGuardia, of New York City, went to night school to become a lawyer. The public loved that image and kept him in office for over ten years. Your personal branding will never suffer from the perception of continuing education. Never.

What kind of money are we talking about here?

Nothing comes free, except advice. Your personal branding doesn’t need any element of the skinflint or miser. You need to be seen as open-handed. Profligate, when it comes to your own welfare and the welfare of others. Miserly budgets are for nonentities.

Besides, the news from Washington right now is that student loan debt is being forgiven faster than Congress can open a pork barrel.

MBA student debt is one of the best investments you can make. It’s like borrowing on margin on Wall Street. As long as it’s a sure thing, which an MBA always is.

Ask other leaders what they think of MBA degrees.

Still doubtful? Then do this. Ask any influencer you know. Anyone who has already achieved personal branding success.

If they don’t have an MBA, ask them if they wish they had one. Nine times out of ten they’re going to say yes. They really wish they’d taken the trouble to get one. The one-in-ten that pooh-pooh the idea of an MBA are mostly outliers whose personal branding is too outre to be considered viable for most.

So you either have an MBA or you’re studying for one. You can say you’re considering the MBA programs at Harvard, Stanford, and M.I.T. Prestige all the way. Never settle for mediocre, especially when it’s your future on the line.