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    I recently spoke with someone who inspired me with his mantra for how he lives his life. He said this: The World was created for me and at the same time I am responsible for the world. “ These two ideas at first glance seem to conflict but a closer look shows that they hold the foundation for being effective and purposeful in life.  The first statement; The world was created for me suggests that a person sees himself as important and valuable, but left on its own could lead to an arrogant, narcissistic path. Combining the first statement however with the second suggests that the individual has healthy self-esteem and therefore views his role in life as significant and he is here to make a positive difference in society.

    The order of these two statements also may have significance; First a person must have good self-esteem and see the world as created for him shows a clear sense that a person believes “I belong in this world and am deserving of it’s benefits”.  The second statement tempers the first and says…OK now do something about it not just for yourself but for humanity.

    Your personal brand will be shaped by what you do with what you know. A person who adopts this mantra, The World was created for me and at the same time I am responsible for the world, will be more likely to acquire a sense of ownership for all his activities and pursuits and would be using his talents for the greater good.   He would have the mindset “What problem can I help fix? Where’s the gap that I can apply my skills to fill the void? What’s lacking here and how can I use my skills to correct a problem? Productivity would inevitably improve both for individuals and for companies.  Asserting yourself this way could help you stand out from the crowd. When doing this be careful not to get caught up with the outcome.

    Whatever mantra you choose, consider that it should help you move in a positive direction. Set goals for yourself but try to focus more on your effort as the outcome is outside of your control.

    Here are a few strategies to improve yourself and your success that rely on your initiative:

    Every week identify 3 people in your firm you can help

    1. Assist these people in completing a task they need help with and that requires your unique skills.

    2. Participate in a LinkedIn discussion at least once per week offering your expertise.

    3. Volunteer in an organization where you can make a positive difference by offering them your service.

    4. Reach out to connect with as many people as possible in this organization. Offer your help as a volunteer.

    5. Share your expertise freely with a blog you create on a topic that people need help with.

    The effort you put into helping others both in your firm, thru LinkedIn and in a professional organization as a volunteer will help you build your network, enhance your name recognition and your reputation in your field. Your giving out more than you take in will advance your personal brand and allow you to build a platform to ask the people you helped for a  strong recommendation.

    A wise person said, everything you do you do for yourself.  Meaning, helping others isn’t purely altruistic. It’s actually a reasonable and effective means for garnering respect, approval and even love from others.  You have the world-that-was-created-for-you attitude combined with having a sense of responsibility for others, is the secret to having balance, serenity and the seeds for growth in your career.  Just get started now and you’ll begin to see the fruits of your labor in the spring. Use this mantra or find one of your own.  Just recognize that your thoughts and desires will affect all your actions so find one that will boost your confidence and inspire you to maximize your potential!

    Beth Kuhel, M.B.A., C.E.I.P., Executive Leadership and Career transition coach, writes about leadership strategies, career advancement and improving the workplace for Forbes, Huffington Post, Personal Branding blog and has been featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur magazine, Tiny Pulse, U.S. News & World Report. Beth’s weekly career CJN career column was sponsored by Weatherhead School of Management.

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