• Learn How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand That Will Differentiate You and Allow You To Compete in the Global Marketplace.
  • 50+ Tips to Brand Yourself Online

    Once you’ve designed your personal brand and have a personal brand name, use this handy list of suggestions to implement your personal branding strategy.

    General purpose

    • Show your expertise as much as possible.
    • Publicize your brand-related successes and achievements.
    • Make yourself easy to contact for thoughts and questions via email, Twitter, Skype, internet messaging, etc.
    • Help other people in your industry such as bloggers, Twitterers, colleagues, advice seekers, etc.
    • Give people a reason to talk about you in a positive way that also matches your brand.
    • Follow other people in your industry and anyone else who can teach you how to spread your message.
    • Create and apply personal design guidelines that will share the values of your brand and are reusable online and offline.
    • Keep in mind that where you interact online also conveys messages about you, and then stick to the websites and communities that will help most in reaching your goals.


    • Choose an appropriate avatar.
    • Consider using a personal logo.
    • Join brand-related communities on social media (such as LinkedIn Groups), in discussion forums, newsgroups and mailing lists.
    • Be helpful by sharing links and resources that you know people will enjoy.

    Kinds of websites you could create

    • An ‘ask an expert’ website to answer questions about your profession or area of expertise.
    • Discussion forum about your industry that you would moderate and participate in.
    • Wiki about your industry
    • A social media resume
    • A personally-branded version of a free online tool that your audience will find useful.
    • Personal blog



    • Register your own name as a domain name. If not available, use your personal brand name or some variation that won’t confuse people and will still reinforce your brand.
    • Syndicate your blog in brand-related sites and networks.
    • List your blog in pertinent website, blog and RSS directories.
    • Exchange blogroll placements with industry bloggers.

    Places to put your personal brand information

    • Email signature
    • Forum signature
    • Website personal profiles (like Ning’s) that allow you to fill in a short bio and list your website or blog.
    • Software-based personal profiles, like Skype’s.
    • The name field in blog comments forms should mention your personal brand name.
    • The website field in blog comments forms should point at the website that best brands you, whether your blog, social media resume, LinkedIn profile, or anything else.

    Social media

    • Considering the time investment involved, be selective in choosing the right social media for you, and then complete your personal profiles with your branding messages.
    • Use Twitter or other micro-blogging services to network, ask and answer questions, share and learn.
    • Create a social bookmarking account (e.g. on del.icio.us) specifically for articles related to your profession or interest, and then encourage people to help you find related arti cles.
    • Arrange to have bios posted about yourself on Wikipedia, Knol, Squidoo and other user-generated media.
    • Launch a Facebook Page about your industry niche.
    • Tie together everything in a dedicated FriendFeed profile that allows people to follow your online activities from one source.2668199751_6130ca62e8

    Personal brand-reinforcing content

    • Produce your own podcasts (audio or video).
    • Dedicated video channels for you on sites like YouTube.
    • Launch an online initiative related to your profession.
    • Participate in other online initiatives to get noticed.
    • Put out press releases when you have a newsworthy accomplishment to share.
    • Write op-ed articles for mainstream media.
    • Start a newsletter about your field of expertise.
    • Conduct (free?) webinars about up and coming topics.
    • Create your own products.
    • Grow an affiliate network to promote your products, which means they’re also promoting you.
    • Likewise, promote products that you can recommend honestly and whose buyers will appreciate you bringing it to their attention.
    • Leave insightful comments on related blogs.
    • Have online chats or Q&A sessions about brand-related topics.1635284948_d230029508
    • Guest post on pertinent blogs.
    • Interview industry celebrities, trendsetters and other people of interest.
    • Be one of those people of interest and get interviewed on related topics.
    • Post presentations you’ve given on topic, such as by publishing them on your LinkedIn profile and blog.
    • Write an eBook.
    • Release free reports about latest events in your industry and your predictions for the future.

    Next week, I’ll bring you a similar list of ways to brand yourself offline.

    Off topic: Monica O’Brien’s article How to Show Resilience in a Crisis resonated with me as one of those reminders of how we need to keep life in perspective at all times. The reason I’ve been away from you these past few weeks was the unexpected passing of my father in mid-February and the subsequent birth of my second son (and 4th child) one week later. For a religious Jew like myself, work isn’t permitted until the first stage of mourning ends after the seven days of shiva post-funeral. Trans-Atlantic journeys, flight delays and a return to a household in full preparation for a circumcision and related rituals meant that I was offline for a larger chunk of time than expected.

    It feels good to be back.


    Jacob Share, a job search expert, is the creator of JobMob, one of the biggest blogs in the world about finding jobs. Follow him on Twitter for job search tips and humor.


    Jacob Share is the founder and SVP of Share Select Media, a company focused on empowering quality bloggers and blogs such as Group Writing Projects, The Original Home of Group Writing Projects. His JobMob blog has attracted over a million page views last year alone. He grew up between Canada, France and Israel where he had his first Internet experience in 1994 and was hooked. Since then he’s enjoyed playing a part in growing the Web as a manager-developer and project manager at Amazon.com and other e-commerce companies before starting up his own venture.

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    50 comments on “50+ Tips to Brand Yourself Online
    1. avatar

      Excellent post! Branding is key to success as an “expert”!

      • avatar
        Naveen says:

        Great article. It has allowed me to understand personal branding a lot. I need some insight into it..thank you!

    2. avatar

      GREAT article, Jacob! These are all excellent ways of establishing yourself as an expert in your field and branding yourself. The important thing to note here is that the branding image/message must be consistent amongst all ways or the mixed messages might confuse your readers and lower your credibility altogether. I can speak from experience because I am both an entrepreneur helping other artists market themselves online, but I am also an artist myself (singer/songwriter). Promoting both of these ‘roles’ at the same time definitely did not have the same response in comparison to me just focusing on one – the latter caters to one specific niche market, resulting in more followers/fans/clients. Thanks again for this!

    3. avatar
      Tracy says:

      Hi Jacob, I just wanted to comment on what an awesome blog you have. Keep you the great work!

    4. avatar

      Great Article, i must say. So many points are summed up in such a beautiful crisp post.

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      Abaya says:

      Excellent informative article. “Personal brand-reinforcing content” section is new for me. I must apply this rule. Thank you once again for extremely helpful advice.

    6. avatar

      Hi Jacob I see no where to trackback to your article, but I have linked you onto a blog I wrote You can see your link here http://bit.ly/IHTNyD.

      Thanks Take Care Sandy.
      Sandy Metcalf
      Authority Marketing Consultant.
      Attraction Marketing Coach.

    7. avatar
      Gayle says:

      This is a brilliant article! Lots of great pointers.

    8. avatar
      Gabriele says:

      very good article, especially the part on social media! however i would like to add that so many people rush into creating a personal brand without first knowing who they are and what they can offer. i know this as one of the clients my company represents holds a workshop on personal branding that teaches how to discover yourself and create your personal brand.
      if you guys are interested here are the links:

    9. avatar
      Sue morris says:

      Nice read….I am new to blogging and trying to figure out my brand. I know I
      I need to brand myself but still working on that. Thanks for the great info.

    10. avatar
      Philip says:

      It’s great to see that many of the tips that you wrote back in 2009 are still relevant today. I especially liked the section with the types of content you need to reinforce your personal brand. Thanks for the info!

    11. avatar
      Ray Tapajna says:

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      Great tips! Now time to apply 🙂

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      Ray Tapajna says:

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      Ray Tapajna says:

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      montna says:

      Brand is not done by yourself & in real way can’t do it for yourself. It’s created by after your service. Customer says that how was service of that company. So in this field aReputation.in one of the best for you.

    17. avatar
      Dan G says:

      This is really great content. Jacob did a great job and I will search for more of his content. Branding is an intergral part of building a successful marketing department of any business

    18. avatar
      Gaurav Singh says:

      Jacob….! This article is very helpful for me to brand my online profile … Thanks

    19. avatar
      sagar jawa says:

      I can relate with people doing the branding stuff online, that what a hard nut it is to crack. Most of people are following half of the aforementioned rules and tactics. If all of them are used, which I am going to do very soon regarding my business (not reveling yet), success is granted. All of these rules followed collaboratively will gather a lot of public attention than ever. Thanks!

    20. avatar
      Kenneth Ashe says:

      Great tips. I’m currently creating my personal branding online, and I especially like the tip about social profiles. You list several sites that I never thought about before.

    21. avatar
      Chien Ju says:

      This article could be guidelines for people struggling promote themselves online. I’m especially interested in the point of blogging. It’s extremely helpful for me when I established my blog. Thanks for your post. I’m looking forward to getting your advice someday if it’s possible.

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