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    The Two Types of Work Environments, aka “Cultures”

    Peter Drucker, the guru of organizational development consulting, was quoted as saying that “culture eats strategy for lunch.”

    Company “culture” is defined as “how people within an organizational environment communicate and behave based on real or perceived values, beliefs, and rules (both written and unwritten).”

    There are two types of company cultures:

    A “compliance” culture,…
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    Size Doesn’t Matter in Small Business Cultures

    The term “silos” in relation to company culture is typically associated with larger organizations.

    For that reason I was flabbergasted by a conversation with the CEO of a small, but very well respected not-for-profit in my community.

    She told me she wanted to improve teamwork in her organization.

    That sounded typical and not unusual to …

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    Small Business Customer Service and the Minimum Wage

    Conservative and progressive economists continue to debate the impact on small businesses of increasing the minimum wage.

    Conservative and progressive politicians continue to argue the issue to chart their political futures.

    While they all drone on, a significant number of low wage employees struggle to make ends meet while being asked to bring a positive …

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    Small Business Leaders Under-Estimate Power of Their Communication

    Someone on LinkedIn last week commented on an article I published in 2014 about “open-door” policies saying, “I used to work for a boss that told us that HE had an ‘open-door policy’ with ‘My door is always open… So please walk by quietly!’ ”

    “This manager did often joke about things and this may …

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    Small Businesses Should Model Pro Sports, Apply Trading Deadline

    A few days ago, July 31 to be exact, was Major League Baseball’s annual “trading deadline.”

    It’s the point in the season when team rosters have to be finalized to be eligible for post season play.

    It’s on, and around, this deadline that often a lot of players get moved from team to team as …

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    Focusing On Long-Term Results Tough in Small Business

    Last Tuesday’s All-Star Game marked the unofficial mid-way point in the very long Major League Baseball season.

    This time in the baseball season always reminds me that in the marathon that is the baseball season athletes are conditioned not to get too high while on a winning streak or too low during a slump, because …

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    One Way Small Businesses Can Be Better at Hiring

    Two weekends ago the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League facilitated their annual draft of amateur athletes.

    An annual draft of amateur athletes is how most professional leagues develop succession plans for their teams by continually bringing on new talent.

    It got me thinking about how small businesses typically bring in new talent …

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    Small Business Leadership: A Tale of 3 Styles

    Saturday night my wife and I rented and watched the movie Red Army, about the former Soviet Union’s commitment to international ice hockey domination and the migration of Russian hockey players to North America.

    The movie took me back to a time when I loved watching those Soviet hockey teams because of their tremendous skill …

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    Getting Your Small Business to Perform Like a Champion

    It was a painful experience for me last week sitting in Madison Square Garden watching my favorite sports team the New York Rangers play for the National Hockey League’s Eastern Conference Championship seeking to earn a trip to play for the Stanley Cup.

    My Rangers were shut out on home ice, 2-0 after a record …

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    3 Steps to Improve Workplace Communication

    Every problem small business owners face in their workplace can be directly linked to a communication issue.

    If you were to ask employees in a workplace what things need to be improved communication is always among the top three answers.

    As a number of small business CEOs told me at a seminar and networking session …

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