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    How To Use Headhunters For Your Job Search


    Recruitment agencies and headhunters are third-party HR employees. When companies try but cannot find the right person for a job opening, they go to these agencies and outsource their recruiting efforts to them so these agencies can find that specific candidate. Working with a headhunter can be an effective way to speed up your job …

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    How to Keep Your Employees Motivated


    This week’s post is especially intended for entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers. Every business owner and manager knows that motivated employees are more productive and also, they do more quality work. Therefore, you need to keep your employees motivated and make them feel excited to come to work every day.

    There are many ways …

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    There Is Always Time to Engage, Thank and PIF


    It’s the end of the year. Are you ready for 2015?

    For my last post of 2014 I thought I would do things a little differently.

    I’ve been writing for you, the extended and global community of the Personal Branding Blog, for a little over two years now. It has been a pleasure and a …

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    Use These 3 C’s to Engage More Effectively


    Who doesn’t want to be more effective?

    Who doesn’t want to use their time and utilize their skills to the best of their ability?

    As you think about working more effectively – whether it’s for yourself, your peers, your customers or partners — you can use these 3 C’s to think a bit more strategically …

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    How to Build a Successful Team


    Team building is a difficult task. In order to build a great team, you need to understand other people, their strengths and weaknesses and figure out which tasks they like to work on. If you are a manager, you should also keep in mind that you are responsible from the success of your team. This …

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    How to Improve Your Career in Your Free Time

    (c) Bev Goodwin Flickr Creative Commons

    How do you get ahead in the workplace?

    Some people over-deliver on projects they are assigned, hoping to be recognized with increased pay or a promotion. Others look for inefficiencies in the company that can serve as new leadership opportunities. Still, some employees favor becoming a voice of the brand, writing external-facing articles and speaking …

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    Let’s Get Physical

    Fall is in the air. The leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, and people are settling in for the Winter. (At least in the Northern Hemisphere).

    While we are settling in at work for the last quarter of the calendar year we have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all sneaking up on us. Which …

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    Just Stop Talking

    I have recently chosen to not work with a new salesperson from a vendor that I’ve worked with for years. Why? They wouldn’t stop talking. As much as I’d like to learn more about you to develop a long term sales relationship, if you’re looking to sell to me, or anyone, you’ve got a lesson …

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    Things I’ve Learned about Business from Hiking

    Summer is THE time to get your hike on in the Pacific Northwest. The rest of the year is pretty good for hiking too, but summer days are often clear and have the best views.

    Like all great plans for fun they seem to take a back seat to other plans. As such… my son …

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    When Words and Body Language Convey Two Different Messages

    Communication is more than just the words we speak. Words are one half of the message in communication, with non-verbal aspect making up the other half. Body language affects a great deal of how we communicate. What we say and what we communicate are two different things, if you will. Body movements and gestures, posture, …

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