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    Wrecking Things is Justifiable to Get Ahead


    Sometimes you need to build things with the intention of wrecking them.

    This ties very closed to the idea of an MVP in the Eric Ries Minimum Viable Product mentality.

    When you are building a new idea, a new business, a new thing … be ready to exert brutal candor. Be ready for brutal honesty …

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    Easily Exceed Year End Goals


    Given that the end of summer is fast approaching many are preparing to take vacation. During this more relaxed time period, spend ample time anticipating what may be achieved upon everyone’s return to work.

    Dates to Review

    If you haven’t already, in the future ask your clientele when they anticipate taking vacation. Note the dates …

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    Hints for Working in Hot Weather


    Unfortunately, it is very hard to concentrate and work efficiently during summer. Although many offices have an air condition, still this may not be enough to cool us especially in some parts of the US. Also, some people do not like the unnatural cold weather the a/c creates and prefer other cooling alternatives. Therefore, I …

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    7 Steps to Revamp and Fuel Business


    Most likely you will agree that some weeks are better than others. In fact, some days and weeks are ones we wish we never experienced. The one culprit at the center of these unfortunate incidents is miscommunication.

    The biggest problem in front of us when miscommunication arises is the fact that we do not want …

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    The Ultimate Productivity Hack


    This is something you do not want to hear. It’s the opposite of human nature. It is anti-happiness. The only thing good about it? It’s the truth about productivity.

    The ultimate productivity hack is sticking to a very boring routine. A life filled – at least for a short time – with almost no variety. …

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    Things People Do During Conference Calls


    Conference calls are very common in everyday business and let’s be honest, most of them are boring. As a result, most people cannot fully concentrate on the call and press the mute button to do other activities. Below are the most common things people do on conference calls.

    Driving: Some people prefer to take conference…
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    16 Traits of Winning Employees


    There is no such thing as the perfect employee. However, there are certain tell-tale signs that will either allude to the fact that a hire will work out or will turn into a headache.

    The saying goes – a job seeker is either part of the problem or part of the solution. When a new …

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    Keep Sales Fluid Using These 5 tips


    If you have ever felt repelled by someone then you will appreciate the idea of magnetic communication. The style of attracting interest first in you and then in the business services you provide. The concept stems from observation of the demeanor of others and how welcoming they appear upfront.


    It is the facial expressions …

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    Make the Ask … Everyone Wins


    Put it right up front.

    Put it out there.

    Ask for what you want.

    Up Front Is Better

    There are two lines of thinking here. My thinking is driven by a VP I used to work with at Microsoft. He suggested that people put the ask up front. He didn’t want a lot of pre-amble. …

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    Errors to Avoid and Communication Consistency Will Fuel Sales


    Nothing is more distressing than to try to work with someone who is inconsistent throughout all of their communications. This includes verbal, written, and behavior in addition to body language and facial expressions.

    The inconsistency is troubling because it raises the question of whether the person may be trusted. As a business professional it is …

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