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    The Most Successful Job Interview Tactic


    Having coached the full range of job seekers, from entry-level candidates to C-suite executives, I learned the one job interview tactic that makes the difference between success and failure. This same tactic works for coaches and consultants who want to build a larger practice, secure more clients and do it more quickly.

    The true genius …

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    Career Advice from Movies


    Movies are not only fun to watch but also they can teach you something. They are great at showing other people’s successes and failures in certain situations and help you learn from these.  Therefore, as a working professional, whenever you need a break or some motivation, think about the below quotes and inspire yourself.

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    Attitude Edition: The 5 things that can help you succeed


    The Five Things That Can Help You Succeed: the Attitude Edition


    The information is ubiquitous: our attitudes color how we see the world, how we respond to stimuli, and can even affect our health. So how can we cultivate the kind of attitude that helps us succeed at work? Here are five attitude factors …

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    Read the Books Your Parents Read


    Lately I’ve been flashing back to a book I recently read.

    It’s a remembrance of a more genteel time.

    But, it had a chilling effect on my thinking.

    It’s a book my father read.

    I ignored it for many years. Until a friend brought it up. Then I paid attention.

    Why is that? Why did …

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    Breaking Down The Break


    Life happens. While we try to control even the tiniest aspects of it, there are always events that can simply never be predicted. Needing to care for an elderly loved one or even realizing you want to be a full-time mom or dad results in wonderful family time but can leave you stranded once you’re …

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    Tips and Field Stories to Help You Improve Sales


    The study of observation to learn what is to be avoided along with the best of what you experience will dramatically improve your outcome for the effort you put into your everyday sales effort. Opportunities arise every day to do so with you as the buyer, at networking events, and how people communicate online. Consider …

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    How to Reduce Stress and Avoid Burnout


    I had the unfortunate experience of reading a list of the top stressors in human life. You may have seen that list. Death of a loved one, divorce, losing a friend, major illness, moving, caregiving … the usual suspects. Then, thanks to grazing on brainpickings.org, I discovered the link between unrelenting stress and the deleterious …

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    Getting Back to Work After a Vacation


    After the much deserved vacation that is full of fun and joy, returning back to the regular routine can distress many of us. While almost everyone doesn’t like going back to work especially after a relaxing and peaceful vacation, you should face the reality and do your best to adjust and be productive again. In …

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    5 Questions to ask before starting a corporate blog


    One of the most common things I hear from people is … Should I start a blog?

    There is no simple answer.

    However, over the years I have boiled down my thinking to 5 things to consider before starting a (corporate) blog.

    Note: I put the word “corporate” in parentheses. A personal and corporate blog …

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    Which Path Appeals to You?


     What if…?

    The lack of time to get everything done, myriad of special requests, and the need to do extra research will sometimes put us in a tailspin. What if a routine commitment suddenly required hours of research without extra income – would you politely decline or accept the responsibility?

    This type of decision is …

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