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    Strategic Vulnerability and Your Personal Brand


    Coming across as “human” is valuable, especially since people do people with people.  While this may seem like a weakness to the individual, to the audience, being human makes it easier to connect with you.

    Turning Weaknesses to Strengths


    The first step toward overcoming any weakness is recognizing that you have any to begin …

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    The Unexpected Entrepreneur: Inspiring Lessons From Boy With Down Syndrome


    Successful entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes…but this may be the most surprising one you’ve ever seen.

    A 5-year old boy with Down syndrome, Jackson Horn, has been inspiring and teaching business owners across the world for most of his life.

    His message has been shared on stage in 3 continents, and with tens …

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    Why A Long-Term Vision Is Important to Achieving Success


    Setbacks sometimes feel as if they are an every day occurrence. It is how you handle these that will help you to proceed with what is truly desired. The cause may be as simple as every day tasks have you second guessing your routine. Adding to the problem is when those, from whom support is …

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    R3H1: Could This Be the Answer to ALL Your Problems?


    What is your problem? It may not matter. R3H1 may be the one answer that directly solves about 98% of what is bugging you, getting in your way, and keeping you stressed.

    R3H1 is my code for Rules, Routines, Rituals and Habits.

    Arising from the science of project management, R3H1 gets you focused on working …

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    Mastering the LinkedIn Connection


    We’ve all done it.

    That lazy LinkedIn connection request.

    We collectively need to stop.

    Take 2 and Personalize It

    Before sending that next LinkedIn Connection request take 2 minutes and make it personal. Here is a video that shows you how in less than 2 minutes. Let the person know how you met, where you …

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    Can Ghostwriting Boost My Personal Brand?


    The demand for online content continues to grow. Econsultancy reports that increasing online content is a top priority for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies in 2016, with a specific rise in native content. This opens up opportunities for writers from all industries to find work – and for that writing to help build personal brands.…

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    How to Navigate the Sale with Ease


    Your best sales guide is your very own set of values, priorities and unique way of conducting business. These transform into your business development plan. Remaining true to your plan will allow for your personal brand to shine brightly.

    Treat negotiation as a friendly conversation with the purpose of seeking to find a happy ending …

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    Occupations with the Most Job Growth by 2024


    If you want to start over your career or change jobs or help your children shape their careers, below you can find the jobs with the most growth in the next few years. Apparently healthcare professionals will still be high in demand but other professionals such as accountants and software developers will be needed too.…

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    Mastering the LinkedIn Unvite


    There are times when you realize you need to pull back.

    I’m talking about LinkedIn invites.

    And, there is nothing wrong with this.

    Why Unvites are OK and When to Use Them (video)

    Reality Check

    Have you ever sent out a bunch of LinkedIn invitations? Who hasn’t?

    Maybe you just joined a new company or…
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    Personal Brands: Soft Skills Make a Hard Difference


    In order to achieve full balance, there must be equal parts yin as there is yang. In business, these two opposing yet equal forces are known as soft and hard skills. Where one covers tendencies that cannot truly be quantified, the other is able to be measured precisely. Yet in today’s world of startups and …

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