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    Recruiting Employees Who Win


    In business, the companies that hire the best employees are the companies that win. This concept sounds simple, executing on it is an entirely different story. Despite more efficient job ad targeting and increased usage of social recruiting, hiring “difference makers” is – and always has been – a tall sales order.

    It’s basic recruiting …

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    The Only Three Words You Need to Know


    Imagine you had the perfect response to a pesky question right at the tip of your tongue.

    For example, when someone asks if you think you can start a business, run a marathon or win a lucrative contract?

    When a pesky question like this is made of you here are 3 simple words to put …

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    What’s Usually Negotiable in Typical Job Offer, What’s Not


    Great News! You’ve got a new job offer from a great company! Now comes the hard part . . . negotiating various elements of the offer to make sure you will be getting the best deal for yourself. (You can be absolutely assured that the hiring manager making the offer has already made sure that …

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    Boost Your Personal Brand and Business Relationships


    Looking for a big personal brand boost? Join me at UCLAx Personal Branding Boot Camp this weekend! bit.ly/1NFpKHQ

    A big “aha!” moment for my campers is seeing how out of control they really are, when it comes to creating their reputations. In fact, many of them spend the majority of each day, in fact their …

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    How to Manage Your Emails Effectively


    Email is one of the most used communication tools in business. It allows us to connect with each other whenever we want and gives us the ability to work together sharing our files or notes from wherever we are.  Also, it is fast and easy to use making it very popular. Therefore, everyone prefers to …

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    Controlling Bad Habits for a Successful Career


    Habits run our lives. Our behavior has a direct and profound effect on our attitude.

    Anyone can manage the good times and can cultivate the habits that promote well-being and success. However, every now and again, we gain bad habits that cause fatigue, depression, and create a significant barrier to success.

    When we act like …

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    Unlearning Your Way to Success


    Quick – What’s the last thing you unlearned?

    It’s a hard thing to do.

    But you must try.

    Unlearning is a Critical Skill

    Just as learning is a critical skill it is also important to know how to unlearn. To know how to let go of something.

    “The illiterate of the 21st century will not …

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    How to Get Through a Boring Meeting


    All of us have been in meetings that we don’t even know why we are there. In these types of meetings, we generally try not to fall asleep while daydreaming and make eye contact with the speaker every few minutes to be seen as paying attention to the meeting. If you feel that you don’t …

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    Need to Conduct ‘Stealth’ Job Search? Here’s How


    You’ve bid you time for the last several years on a job that’s become stale and largely unfulfilling, just waiting until you were convinced that the job market was indeed improving, that the apparent recovery is for real. Clearly, your career is definitely in the “stall” mode, so you decide now may in fact be …

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    Critique pinpoints where you need to next head


    Hearing criticism of your proud moment is the worst critique of all, and it is also embarrassing to be reprimanded for an error in front of an entire group. But, with a positive mindset, it is wise to reflect upon those very remarks to truly hear what is being said.

    Sometimes it is the most …

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