It’s a known fact that most businesses fade away within the first year. Reasons vary from not realizing upfront that being in business feels overwhelming and includes negative self-talk along with negative feedback from others. Overall, it is an ordeal to cope with the hassle of being in business.

On the other hand, employment is not necessarily a joy ride either. Pressure is alive whether you are self-employed or work for a company. It always seems one isn’t doing enough to satisfy the desired outcome. Everyone, including yourself, always wants more and to achieve one’s goals quickly.

The questions become:

  • What is your more?
  • What can you do to speed up or increase success?

The worst error is to be concerned with what others think and their sneers. However, the attitude of others toward us may turn into positive thought should one allow it to be so. Make note of the horrible predictions and list the reasons why the statements were made. Next, give due consideration to everything that may be done to turn those hurdles into positive outcomes. Begin prioritizing what needs to be done to move forward and feel good about the potential.

Focus, motivation, and perseverance drive success.


No matter the circumstances, success is always dependent upon your attitude and actions. How you view success and your resolve to move past obstacles will determine future results. Prioritize every avenue that might work best for you to begin experimenting with each. Those that do not prove to work well cross off the list.

For the strategies that prove to work best, tweak those to enhance and document the results. Compare performance before and after each enhancement. Turn this idea into a game for continued improvement. Now you will feel the adrenaline kick in and motivation increase as you been to see results improve.

Always think of the longest term goal imaginable to put milestones in place to make it happen. Given times change, attention needs to be given to goals quarterly, at the very least, to remain ahead of the curve and put negativity to rest. Your fortitude will turn into an admired personal brand.  There will always be some negativity but will decline in number as advancements are made.

Maintain progress reports for team meetings or just for those days you need some encouragement all by yourself. Once you surpass the starting point, you will always be able to smile and celebrate progress. The next thing you know, new ideas will come forth and further motivate your progress!

Sales Tips

  1. Decide what success will look like for you.
  2. Model the better habits of those who have gone before you.
  3. Make a note of behaviors you do not appreciate to eliminate.
  4. Use a game model to get past the difficult hurdles.
  5. Hire a coach when you are almost ready to quit.
  6. Read success stories.
  7. Observe athletes.
  8. Listen to motivational talks of coaches.
  9. Keep adding to your pipeline of possibilities.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!