30 Cool New Tools for Personal Brand Building

Personal Branding

Every so often, you need to take a look around and discover if there are better tools than those you’re already using.

Here are some categorized suggestions to get you started.


Click.to – copy any text and send it anywhere with just one click. Instant fave.

TubGet – download almost any video from YouTube or anywhere else, as video or *audio*

What Do You Love? – query all Google search engines at once, and get all the results in one dashboard

Pokki – use your favorite web services faster, from your computer desktop instead of in your browser

101 Smart Goals – easy to use goal setting and tracking manager

Prizes.org – get work done by offering a prize for someone else to do it

Social media

Geeje – a cross-network social media dashboard that lets you easily follow your favorite people where ever they are

Twimbow – the most colorful Twitter client yet, it categorizes your tweet by color and lets you categorize who you follow too.

Shuush – a Twitter client that puts more weight on people who rarely tweet so they don’t get drowned out

Google+Tweet – adds a Twitter client to your Google+ dashboard so you can tweet from there too

Google+ Social Statistics – see who and what’s popular on Google+ and where you rank among them

Plus.ly – shorten your Google+ profile url

Gplus.to – like Plus.ly, but allows you to choose a nickname instead of your Google+ username

Likeplusone – a browser extension that lets you Like and +1 a url simultaneously

Filefly – share files with for your Facebook friends

Playem – easily watch your Facebook friends’ shared videos

FacebookAllEvents – use Facebook to find local events to attend

Sharedcount – measure how many shares, Likes, retweets, etc., that any url has received

SnipSnip.It – share only your favorite part of a YouTube clip

Content creation

Cvgram.me – creates an infographic resume from your LinkedIn profile.

vCard to QR code – generate your own QR code for your business card from your vCard (or create a vCard first, if you don’t have one)

OrangeQR – generate your own QR codes and track their usage too. (This is a paid tool, but there’s a free trial)

Slidestaxx – create a slideshow of anything – images, videos, text – and then embed it on your blog or website

Animaps – does what it sounds like: make presentations by animating your Google Maps

Spreaker – create your own radio station

Postcron – schedule your Facebook updates

Diagramly – quickly make any kind of diagram you need


Mailer Vocabulary – improve your vocabulary via email

phraseup* – helps you fill in the blanks when you can’t remember how that expression went

UnderTheSite – curious how they do it? This tool tells you which technologies are being used for any given website

Which new tool have you discovered recently for your personal branding?


Jacob Share, a job search expert, is the creator of JobMob, one of the biggest blogs in the world about finding jobs. Follow him on Twitter for job search tips and humor.