32 iPhone Apps For Building Your Brand On The Go

Personal Branding

Transform your iPhone into a personal branding powerhouse.

All the apps are free except where indicated.


  1. Dan Schawbel – read the Personal Branding Blog on your iPhone.
  2. PersonalBranding (Paid) – learn about personal branding basics.
  3. Presenting Your Personal Brand by Tony Jeary – videos about how to build your brand.


  1. Ego (Paid) – monitor how well your web presence is growing.
  2. iTranslate – translates *what you say*
  3. Dragon Dictation – the prequel to Siri, lets your phone transcribe your voice.
  4. Speller – spellcheck English or Spanish.
  5. Feedly – your mobile RSS reader
  6. Evernote – got an idea? Evernote it.
  7. DropBox
  8. My Eyes Only Lite – password-protect any sensitive information you need with you.
  9. Remember the Milk – access your todo lists from your phone
  10. Bento (Paid) – your iPhone personal database organizer
  11. Print n Share (Paid) – print to any printer

Social media

The official apps of major social networks, and the Twitter favorite, Tweetdeck.

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Stumbleupon
  4. Twitter
  5. Tweetdeck


  1. vTie Necktie Guide – so you can always look your best.
  2. Bump – share information by bumping phones.
  3. cardflick – flick to share your digital business card
  4. Skype
  5. Hey Where Are You – tell your friends where you are, and vice-versa
  6. Nimbuzz – text chat on Yahoo, AOL, etc.
  7. Fring – “Group Video Chat, Voice Calls & Text Chat”
  8. Cisco WebEx Meeting – join online meetings, webinars and more.
  9. Business Card Reader (Paid) – scan business cards right into your phone.
  10. SnapDat Digital Business Cards – “designing and sending digital business cards directly from your iPhone”

Exposing yourself

  1. WordPress – update your blog or respond to comments, from anywhere.
  2. Flickr – share your own photos, and check out everyone else’s.
  3. UStream Live Broadcaster – turn your phone into a mobile radio station

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